Sunday, September 14, 2014

Out with the Old, In With McLane Stadium

I can think of no better way to celebrate the first week of school than with the first Baylor football game of the season. And not just any football game, but THE first football game in McLane Stadium.

The night before the game Justin and i were reminiscing ...

Our little football fans sure have grown... here are a few of the pics we found on our phones that we enjoyed!

Caden and Shawn!

Not sure if Shawn has grown, but I know Caden sure has... those shorts now rest just above his knees!

Two years worth of tunnels... growing, boy!

And these three... all have changed so much!

Kaki was prepping her dolls for the game... setting them up in the "stands"!

Sunday morning we went to church and then headed straight to Waco to celebrate sweet G-Dawg's  SECOND birthday! He has been lucky enough to have Baylor games fall on both his first and second birthdays! I would bet that he might be the only kid to ever do that! I wonder how we could find that out? :)

The kids were so excited to sing happy birthday to G and to watch him open his presents! And G was excited to see his cousins! That was present enough for him! Sweet boy! I enjoyed getting a "check up" with his new doctor's kit. Aunt Keetee, check up? Aunt Keetee, check up? Of course sweet boy, of course!

And then we were ready...

There it is!!

We sent Caden with Bop and Uncel Tag to get the tailgate spot set up and Justin took Kaki and I to our parking spot, because since we didn't have tickets for the game, Kaki and I were planning on leaving to head home soon after the boys went into the stadium to watch the game. But what we weren't quite planning on was the INSANELY hot conditions. August 31st in Texas... I know... what did we expect... but wow... not that! The Brazos River never looked so refreshing!

Kaki was pretty much hot and tired by the time we walked to the tailgate spot but we persevered and made it... and made it until March of the Bears! Of course that is both Kaki and Caden's favorite part of tailgating! 

We had run into some sweet friends from home and they made it into some of our pics too... Hey Les! Hey Lainey! Hey Drew! :)

Okay... but this next pic... please check out the little girl behind the guy in the white shirt in the middle of the picture? Her intensity is classic and awesome!! I love her! And totally get what she is feeling in that moment! She's ready to hit somebody!! Love it!!

One of two Bryce's!

SO it wasn't too long after march of the Bears was over that this little girl had had it... and it was a good thing we decided when we did because it would take us almost another hour to make it from the tailgate spot back to the car... 

We got stuck in pedestrian traffic on one of the suspension bridges over the river. The entire bridge was swaying and several people around us including u were contemplating their final fates... would their be alligators in the river? Would Jesus turn water into solid ground so we could walk across? Should we panic now or later? Should we say goodbye? It was a bit scary, but we made it! And Justin turned back about halfway to make sure Caden and he had time to get across into the stadium. I have my tunnel vision... or bridge vision on and I knew we'd make it... and if not we'd be singing with the angels in Heaven by the half. Luckily, Justin learned that the bridge is not the only way across the Brazos... so we won't make that mistake again... ever! Like ever, ever! 

So by the time we made it across the bridge... in one piece... I wanted to kiss the ground... but for fear of being trampled I didn't... we trekked on for our walk back to the Ferrell Center where our car was parked. We have one bottle of water in our stash we took from the tailgate not expecting to need such supplies, and we used it to cool Kaki off as we walked... she was SOOOO hot. I carried her on and off for the 30 minute walk...

We made it!

And not 10 minutes in... this was my girl!

I was so thirsty... like thought I might pass out thirsty because I had given Kaki all of my water and used our last bottle to cool her down... so I stopped once we got on the road, left Kaki asleep in a running, locked car... gotta love two sets of keys and ran into a gas station so I could see the car and grabbed a bottle of water... two actually... finished one in the parking lot and the other on the way home. Just as we were pulling back into town she woke up. We took showers as soon as we got home and got settled for the start of the game. At home... in the AC on our couch! It was a good end to a HOT day! :) 

The next day Justin and I both had heat rashes from our days... crazy! :) 

Despite the heat and the chaos of learning the new stadium, I am so glad we were there. I loved being a part of the next chapter for our great Baylor University! It is a special place, full of special people and fond memories. Thankful for our green and gold... and anxiously anticipatory of fall weather! :) 

Justin and Caden made it the entire game... 

got home just after midnight...

The first thing Caden did the next morning was turn on the recorded game ... and watched it everyday until the next game! The boy loves him some Baylor football. 

A few that found themselves at the end of this post... the three amigos... soon to be four... 

Sim 'em Bears!

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