Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baylor Game #2: No Sweat Involved

Last weekend we had the chance for ALL four of us to go to the Baylor game, thanks to AUnt Ree Ree and Uncle Tag who shared their tickets with us, and we got to hang out with G as an added bonus. They got invited to Judge Starr's suite so Cori, 37 weeks pregnant roughed it and decided to make it just one more game. She is a trooper!

We weren't planning on tailgating this time... with the weather being warm again we were going to learn from our previous mistake and take it slow. Drive in for the game and leave at half-time depending on how Kaki was doing so Caden and kaki both wouldn't be strung out going into a new school week. Midnight bedtimes are tough when you have to get up and do school on Monday! And church the next day! :) 

SO they took early naps and we got ready and headed out for our first family of four Baylor experience ever... it only took us three years! :) 

As we pulled into Waco it started to rain... and then thunder and lightening... this was not expected. It was raining SO hard by the time we got to the stadium and so we had a party in the parking lot until it passed! We were lucky enough to park right next to the Agnews so we smiled and waved and said hellos through the rain from our windows.

Bu the rain did not damper our evening at all, in fact, it saved it! The weather was beautiful... it was cool and still overcast... it was still spitting for the first few minutes we were in our seats, but after that it was dry and lovely. It was SOOOO fun being there all together. The stadium is amazing. The inside is even better than the outside. kaki loved looking around at all of the eye candy. She was so excited to see Bryce Petty and kept calling his name from her seat... she was sad he never could hear her. She was so wide-eyed at all of the action. She got to see Bruiser... her fav and the cheerleaders.. it was a great night for Kaki-girl.

And Uncle J had a fun time holding his nephew for the game! He was SOOOO crazy good. Just sat there and ate while he watched the game... like he's been doing it his entire life... and he has! :)

I was lucky enough to sit by the Baylor Program in the flesh... if I wanted to know who someone was I just leaned over and asked Caden. If I was confused...asked Caden. He knows it all. It is kind of ridiculous how much he knows Loved getting to experience a game with him! And through his eyes. He is an old pro... knows what to do for all of the chants and songs, and Baylor first downs... I kind of felt like a second rate Bear fan compared to him! :) I need to step up my game!

Even G has it down!!

By the end of the halftime show Kaki was getting a bit tired... but we still made it through most of the 3rd quarter! I'd call that a Baylor game success story! 

Ree Ree and Tag came down to get their boy before we all headed out and Kaki got to sit with one of her favorites... She has a soft spot for her Uncle Tag! And she's the only little princess in his life for now... :) 

It was fun to ALL get to be in a pic together as we walked into the stadium that evening! And one where we are all looking and everyone's eyes are open... don't mind the hair thing I've got going on... it was a Baylor miracle! :) 

Thanks for letting us use your tickets Ree Ree and Tag... Kaki and I had a great time and are hopeful for a year when we too will have tickets!! :) But until then we'll cheer our Bears on from wherever we are able and be happy to spend time with our Waco & Houston Bear Family! Caden and Justin are certainly the best fans of the four! The Bears are in good hands when those two are in the stands!

Sic 'em Bears!

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