Sunday, September 14, 2014

Evans Family Vaca to SA (2nd Annual)

There is just something about San Antonio...

It keeps our family coming back...

We love it and were so excited when Kk and Albi announced our family vacation this year would be another fun trip to San Antonio... but with a few new twists. We did Sea World and stayed at the Hyatt Hill Country instead of the JW... 

The night before we left for SA... Josh, Emily and Whit came to our house to split the drive into two parts... We had pizza, played and then it was early to bed so we could wake up with the whales?? :)

Off to Sea World...

We met up with Kk and Albi right outside of the gates and headed in for a FUN day at Sea World!!

First up Elmo...


Then the whale show... 

Down the row...

Aunt Emily brought one of her fancy stroller attachments for Kaki to ride... the skateboard!! So fun!

After the Shamu show, we went to the Water Ski Show... which was AMAZING!! I couldn't believe the level of skiing they showed! I was like a 5 year old... mouth wide open at all times! I had never seen it before and Justin remembered it from his childhood... he would watch every show he could when he went to Sea World... it was always his favorite part! I have to say it was an easy favorite for me too!

After the ski show we grabbed a quick snack and then our family four went to another show... the dolphins and divers... and birds. But the rest of our crew had to leave... Whit was ready for a chance of scenery! :)

And he got just what he wanted!! :)

The Hyatt was ready for our crew to take over!

And take over we did!

We immediately went to the pool and cooled down after a fun day at Sea World and then headed down to the restaurant for an early dinner!

We were always there before the doors even opened which made for some GREAT photo ops each night! :) 

The grounds of the Hyatt at lots of fun things to offer. We took turns swinging!

And Justin and Josh surfed... 

One of the more hilarious things I've witnessed... oh bless that man and his need for adventure! He was doing things he should not have been doing but loved every minute of it! It was an entire hour where his mind was only on the surf and not on anything else! His body took a beating... he had bruises last week... STILL trying to lighten up from his falls and barrel rolls on the surf! 

The food set-up at the Hyatt is a kid's dream! Buffet... so it's quick and a dessert bar... full of chocolate chips, sprinkles and gummy things... 

Kaki girl was right at home... and chose to break out her most lady-like etiquette for the occasion!

I love this picture of us we took one night before dinner... it was Justin's idea to grab a family picture and I am so glad he was smart enough to think of it!

The kids got to sleep on the couch bed together each night! I loved waking up in the middle of the night to see this... sweet, precious loves!! Keeping each other warm!

Sometimes they are the best of friends!! :)

While we were there we all got a special treat... the boys golfed and the girls spa'ed. Kaki had her first official pedi and mani... it was a big deal and she did awesome! Like she had been doing it her whole life... and even managed to strike up a conversation with her technician about God and Heaven... bless her! 

She picked sparkly blue for her toes and sparkly green for her fingers and she asked Aunt Emily to get purple which she did... and I got my typical, orangey coral... :)

We spent the rest of our time at the pool... floating the lazy river over and over again! There was shade over most of the pool which made for a great escape from the heat! The rules are ladi back so the kids could wear their floaties and enjoy having the freedom to float and play while we enjoyed the pull of the lazy river!

The kids always enjoy the perks of poolside service... especially the free popsicles!

We did take one night to be fancy and eat at the super nice restaurant at the golf club on property! Naturally, we were there before the doors opened so we tried on some things in the pro shop... Hipster Whit!

Get him some skinny jeans and chucks... and he's set! And maybe a pair of fake glasses!

I loved the antler chandelier above our table!

We had a very nice dinner and everyone enjoyed the fun of a new place! Whit had to peace out early but we were sure to bring him dessert for later... :)  And he missed the post-dinner photo op, complete with dinner left-overs on our clothes! :) 

One morning we went "shopping" in the gift shops and Kaki fell in love with the set of bracelets... so pretty!

KK and Kaki were warming up for the day by watching a little tube in the cabana!

Caden thought that was pretty awesome too!!

The last night we were there we ended with a BANG! We did movie on the lawn... Frozen! But before the movie got going they had a fun animal show on the lawn... we saw some COOL things!

It was a night to remember! There is nothing better than a late summer night, the cool green grass and your favorite people in the whole world right by your side! Kaki didn't quite make it all the way through the movie... the urge to poop got the best of her! :) Which who am I to argue with that... especially considering our history! :) But Caden and Justin made it to the end... or Caden did, until he had to wake Justin up at the end of the movie to tell him it was time to go upstairs to the room... oy! 

A few pics that found their way out of order...

My little golfer!

Our animal lover enjoying the perks of the animal show... petting the python! :) Bless that girl! She loves her an animal... or a reptile!

It was the perfect way to end a perfect week with our family! Thank you Kk and Albi for treating us to another fun vacation!! We are so thankful that you continue to create opportunities for us to make memories!! We are so grateful for these times!! We love you!

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KK said...

Totally enjoying the summer recap. Loving all the pics I haven't seen. You will be so glad you have such a wonderful documentation of each season.