Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kaki's Turn... First Day of Pre-K

Kaki started school the Tuesday after Labor day. And at the school that she had never been to before... well, that's not exactly true. She goes to church and MOPS at her school, but has never attended school at her church... does that make sense? It's the same pre-k Caden spent three years at, and a great place. We originally switched because another place across town had a 9-1 schedule, which before Caden started school I thought would be a great schedule, Kaki could come home and nap and actually get a good nap, but after the first week of school I quickly realized that it wouldn't matter if she came home to nap after school because by 2:30 she had to be up anyway... And the school was a bit of a drive... so she would be lucky to get one hour... which is not far from what she would get if she attended a school where they do nap. 

My three-hour napper had also changed some this summer. Ever since we returned home from vacation she had not been napping very well at all. If she napped it was only for an hour or maybe just a bit over. She had gotten used to not napping or not napping until late in the day and then staying up late like she had many times this summer and it was hard to believe that this was going to be our new normal, but I was realizing it was. 

So that got my wheels turning... but I would have never thought about taking her out of school. I was genuinely excited about this new place and new adventure for her. A place all her own.

But we had an unfortunate first impression at meet the teacher.  No need for details, I am sure I will not soon forget. It didn't settle well and I knew it wasn't the right place, but I didn't say anything for two days. I told and acted the same... stayed the course... the school was great. It would be fine.  I thought and prayed and told myself I was just being silly, crazy and all of those other words you tell yourself when you are trying to fight something. Then Saturday night I mentioned something to Justin... I was dreading the approaching Tuesday and the start of school. I knew I couldn't send her there but I didn't know what to do. I had good friends who worked at the school who were excited to have us there. I would have to hurt feelings potentially, I would have to break a commitment, not like we had a contractual agreement type of commitment, but still... I said we would attend there. Not to mention I would have to tell Kaki that the place we took her just two days before was not the place. But none of that reason enough for me because I knew it wasn't right. At least not for us.  So when Justin said he didn't like it either but was stuffing his emotions down because he thought I thought it was the best fit for Kaki and he trusted me, I knew it was something we couldn't ignore. And next time... I told him not to trust me... I'm flying by the seat of my pants here... I am in no position to ever be assumed as right or smart or knowing what is best... or maybe I do know... but it takes me FOREVER to figure it out. I almost never take a direct path to get to any major decision. Never. 

So I did what any girl does... called my mom... and asked the inevitable, am I crazy? And told her...This is what REALLY happened at meet the teacher not the short, neat version I told you. This is how I am feeling. And asked again... Is this crazy? And while I am sure my mom thinks it most of the time she never tells me I'm crazy and makes me believe I am sane even when I feel the opposite. She's gifted that way. She said... start making phone calls.

So I called a friend who works at the school Caden attended... at our church and through tears I told her what had happened, what should I do? Do you know if you have a spot?

They did... they had two.

And we got one...20 minutes later we got confirmation from the director and we were done. 

Praise the Lord! 

So Monday I bought my SECOND round of school supplies for Kaki, ordered a nap mat from Amazon and we were ready to roll for the next day! 

BIG girl lunch!!

She was so excited to go and didn't skip a beat! She did not cry and neither did I. We were both confident in the class and the school and knew that this was right. She had a great first day and a great two weeks so far of school! She has even trumped her brother with sleeping on her nap mat at school!

The things Kaki has said about school:

Her favorite parts are lunch and going to the playground. She has mentioned a few friends by name but only after the second week. She loves her teacher and told me how she called her bluff one day on going to the bathroom during naptime and it was pretty funny. I love that she has a teacher who will do that. She isn't going to let those sweet grins fool her! She needs someone just like that! She loves going and is excited to see me when I pick her up! This has been an easy transition for her and shows me how grown up she is. She is ready to explore, to meet to people and make new friends. She is ready to soar! :) 

I am so proud of my Kaki girl and am so thankful for a place full of familiar faces and friendly smiles that remind, this at times anxious Mommy, that she is not the only person who loves Kaki. And more than that, that even when I try to get in my own way, God will help me get right back out of it... even if the path is a bit crooked. :)

Happy Pre-K, Kaki-girl!!

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