Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grandparent's Day

It's no secret that we have some pretty stellar grandparents... they are super involved in our kids' lives and they spoil them until they turn absolutely rotten and then we straighten them back out and they spoil them again. And we wouldn't have it any other way! We certainly do not take this for granted and are so grateful our kids have the fab four to support, love and spoil them silly! 

So when I made the phone calls to the grents for Caden's Grandparent's Day breakfast... it was no surprise they both accepted without hesitation!

Thursday night was a fun night for the kids... two of their favorite people both under their roof at the same time! Double grandma lovin' to spread around! A kids dream! 

Caden had a great time showing his Kk and his Nana off on Friday morning. The school was packed with grandparents so there are lots of great grents in this world apparently... but we still think we have the best!

Hands down!!

Kaki girl even convinced one of hers... to get a flu shot with her... and she convinced her to go first! :) Thanks for taking one for the team KK! :) She loved sharing her pain with you!! And the love... just not the flu... she's already done that once before... and hopefully never again! :)

Thank you Nana and thank you Kk for spending Grandparent's Day with Caden at school and loving on our Kaki-girl at home! We love you both so much!!

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