Sunday, September 14, 2014

First Week of School

The first week of school was FULL of activity! 

Allergy Shots!

Where Kaki wanted me to take a front and back picture of her blue sucker... Not sure what she was hoping for with the back pic, but she seemed pleased! :)

CHATTY! She came! 

We loved having Chatty here to play with us for a few days! She started her new adventure in Houston! We are thankful she will be just down the road.

The first week of school, Caden was ready at least 30 minutes early every day. Now, we are down to about 10 minutes early... which is fine by me. It creates a no stress environment in the mornings and I am thankful for that!

Chatty got to walk him to school... and give him some extra hair... :) HA!

And then she went with Kaki and I do get her haircut! :)

Pretty girl, with a fresh bob!

She had her hair washed in the sink for the first time... hilarious! It looks like her head is not connected to her body! Creepy and FUNNY!!

And so much for a hair cut because the next morning it was looking like this...

This hair has a mind of its very own! 

One day I spotted Caden from my kitchen window on the playground... it is very nice to catch glimpses of him throughout the day. Such a sweet advantage of this home! :)

Kaki's hair tamed... 

If only I could tame her... 

Kaki was ready for her Meet the Teacher night... Thursday night of the first week of school for Caden was her first night as a pre-k girl!

I laid her clothes out early that afternoon and she surprised us by coming out of her room completely dressed and ready to go! SO BIG!!

Excited about her new backpack!! :)

Meet the Teacher for Kaki is the beginning of another story... in short, where Kaki "met her teacher" on Thursday evening was not where she started school on Tuesday morning. Mother's intuition which I believe is the Holy Spirit, led us down another path and to a divine opportunity, landing Kaki in the place she should have been all along... but more on that later... :) 

Caden made it to Friday... his 5th day of Kindergarten and he thought a pic was in order! :)

And then we were off... to do our girl things...

Excited to surprise Caden with the BLING!!

And ready for a family THREE DAY holiday weekend!

A few things I want to remember about Caden and his first week of school:

He insisted on buying his lunch everyday. The first day of school he ate a Meatball Sub and came home with it all over his shirt and claimed it to be the best lunch he's ever had. He loved music and library time and couldn't believe they go to play with computers. He felt like a genius after the computer lab. He came home and announced, "I already learned how to work a computer!" After music (this was the third week) he said, "So mom, I learned to write music notes today, so I can pretty much become a song writer now..." Oh bless it... he wants to become a song writer... after he plays football at Baylor of course. Varied interests. He came home everyday with a new friend to talk about. His table... table #1 is the best in the class, obviously! :) He has done a great job keeping his clip on green and LOVES the ticket system! Positive behavior reinforcement works. He has learned syllables and math and prefers math so far. He loved going to the library and gets excited to take books home. He plays basketball and football at recess and has more of a tan than he ever has! In fact, last night we noticed a nasty heat rash on his back... school recess is for realz! :) He did the car pool line the third week of school and loved it. He refused before that. He walks in school by himself each morning like its no biggie. He loves PE and enjoys have a "Coach." He doesn't love homework... especially the way I make him do it. He approaches work with a fast and furious attitude and loathes it when I make him complete it to the BEST of his abilities and not just half-way. Having the right answer is not all of it... it's the following directions part too! :) It's going to be a battle... but I'm willing to fight it! :) He is noticing things that make us laugh... like the boy and girl drama. The things little minds think of is astounding! We have enjoyed watching him thrive and love everything about school. Our prayer is that he will always feel this way and will continue to be a kind friend, an obedient student, a hard worker and a kid with varied interests and talents! 

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