Sunday, September 14, 2014

Girls Trip, Dude Weekend, BU BBALL CAMP

Once we got back from the beach we didn't have too long before we were on the road again...

This time our little family of four split up and went in all different directions for a whirlwind week of fun!

First up...

Kaki and I woke up with the sun on Saturday morning and headed south to Houston to celebrate Baby Bennett with Aunt Ree Ree and company! It was a sweet, simple shower for our newest addition! I cannot wait to meet this little nugget! Bennett you are loved already!

Kaki and I had a great time at the shower and were thankful to get to stop by and see G-Dawg for a bit before we headed back north for the rest of our road trip! Kaki was a tired girl and never went back to sleep in the car that morning before the shower and decided she needed to make up for it on the way to The Woodlands!

The Woodlands!! It had been too long! Knowing that I'd be in Houston for Cori's baby shower and then knowing that my boy would be off to Basketball Camp that same week I decided that there was no reason that Kaki and I couldn't make a fun detour and spend time with some of our favorite friends... old friends... college friends... special friends!

Thankfully, Meli P and her crew were free to take in a couple of extras and it was all set! We were soooo excited to get the fun started!

Kaki had a great few days with three kids to play with! She jumped right into their sibling dynamics and made herself right at home! I am always amazed by my little social butterfly! She is always so excited to meet new people and do new things! It probably helped her not miss that big bro!

On Saturday afternoon we spent lots of time in the backyard painting and playing... making a mess! :) And then Mr. Scott treated us to a yummy dinner out AND we got to see another sweet friend and her kiddos for dinner! It was such a treat to catch up and see all of our kids together... hard to believe how fast things change... and families grow! :)

Dylan came first, then Caden, then Carter, Logan, Kaki, Anni Kate and the latest addition Elodie and all but Caden were together! The picture below is one of my favorites... the three of us with our firstborns... all boys. And then the three of us with our most recent and for some of us last-borns... all girls! :)What sweet memories!! And comparisons!

The next day we spent the morning by the Humke Pool...if you're going to be in Houston in July it is imperative to find a pool... and stat!

Once again, Kaki was happy to become an adopted member of the fam! She even borrowed the Peterson kid's grandparents for the day... :) And convinced Mr. Humke to throw her into the pool over and over again! And Mrs. Humke to cut her some roses from her garden to take home. Kaki is a flower girl... never misses the chance to stop and STEAL the roses... :)

That evening after a good afternoon of naps... Megan and Mitch came over for dinner! I got to see all of my favorite Humke's in one day... it was a such great treat! 

Meanwhile... back at the ranch... Caden and Justin were having a fabulous dude weekend... which included a trip to Spec's, Dick's and lots of pizza... it was a weekend of dude dreams!

And then on Sunday evening as Kaki and I were hanging out in Houston... Justin drove Caden to Waco for basketball camp...

Camp starts Monday!

 He was ready!!!

His first morning went off beautifully and he was READY to improve his skills!!

Kaki and I had a sad goodbye to make by lunch on Monday... 

But first we got to spend a the morning with this sweet one and some other friends who moved away from Austin back to The Woodlands way too soon! :) It was so good to reconnect with Ashley and her fam... and I hate that I have not one pic to show for it! Caden and Izzy were baby friends and now they are both in Kindergarten Oy! 

It may have involved a few tears... not because I was sad to leave necessarily but so grateful that my friend who I do not get to talk to or see NEAR enough and her sweet husband opened up their home to me and Kaki for a weekend and shared their lives with us. Friends like these are treasures! Thank you Meli and Scotty P for your hospitality! I love watching you two raise your family... y'all are nailing it! :)

Kaki and I headed home and were excited to see Justin for a few more special days as a family of three... before we picked up our missing fourth at camp! :)

Nana, Caden's chauffeur and camp director did a great job planning lots of special places and treats for Caden after camp each day. They had FULL days! So full that the last day, when Nana had planned to go to the pool, Caden just wanted to relax and watch TV... that Nana is a busy bee! Now we know where Aunt Ree Ree and Daddy get it! :) :) :)

I think it's safe to say that he had a great time!! And after all of the basketball camp fun and the day time activities and rest time... he basically had football camp every night. Bop and Caden ran routes in the backyard until they would a puddle... I don't know where he endless energy comes from but I think it has something to do with his intense passion for sports! :) A lesson to us all... do what you love and you'll love to do it... no matter if a little hard work and sweat are involved or not!

Kaki and I enjoyed our girl time and did a few fun things around town...

We tried out our newly renovated city playscape... awesome. Shopped... always fun! Had girl lunches... yes! 

Played babies... double yes!

And before we knew it, it was Thursday and time to go pick up our boy from camp!!

We couldn't wait to have him back home!! 

After we got back home we rested in preparation for a fun family date night out... we celebrated Chade's homecoming, our anniversary... 10 years... and the start to the end of our summer... :)

August here you come!

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