Monday, June 1, 2009

First Daddy, Now Caden! Happy 5 Months Sweet Boy!

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dearest Cade-Man! Happy Birthday to You!!

5 Months, can you believe it? I know I can't! How much they change... do I sound like an official mom yet?! So much to say and so much to document. As most of you know I am doing a blog for two reasons... 

1. And most important... to keep Caden's admirers up to date with the latest and greatest in our world...including an obnoxious amount of pictures!
2. I am turning my blogs into scrapbooks at the end of each year! So again, many posts are obnoxiously long because I don't want to miss a thing! 

5 months might be my longest birthday post yet... prepare yourselves!

So what is this 5-Month-Old up to these days? I thought you'd NEVER ask.

Cade-man has been up to lots the last month... 
  • He became a tummy sleeper this month. Once he found that tummy there's no going back!
  • He sleeps from about 8:30pm to 7:00-7:30am each night! 
  • He usually wakes up happy, this morning on his back playing with his toes.
  • Oh yes, he's found his toes and LOVES them! Why do we even buy toys, God supplied us with all we need!
  • He makes LOTS of noise:
  • Squeals of delight
  • Cackles of hilarity
  • A forced laugh that comes when being tickled
  • Sighs... when he's happy, tired and sometimes mad
  • He sings, very high pitched and very clear!
  • He purses his lips together to make the greatest bbbbrrrrr noises
  • He spits with his tongue between his lips 
  • And the other day he said "BA" I was super excited, but it was a one and done thing for now! We'll keep practicing!
  • Oh yes... and last but certainly not least he is a prolific tooter! Gassy, gassy boy!
  • He is an escape artist:
  • He has escaped from his swing in 2.2 seconds when I stepped out of the room... time to tighten the straps! 
  • The bouncer is no more... he turns over and pushes himself to the floor!
  • So we put him in the Bumbo, but as of this morning he has learned how to escape from Mr. Bumbo too... although he can't make it completely out... he gets stuck, thanks to those chunky thighs!
  • He is sitting up so very well! We work on it a lot and we're getting better and better all the time. Daddy taught him how important it is to have a wide base, and how to use his hands for a little extra support. Caden is the master of the tri-pod!
  • He tries to sit up in everything... car seat, stroller, boppi, our arms... you name it!
  • Yesterday, while laying in the boppi, he sat up all by himself... talk about a tough ab workout!
  • He started rice cereal this month and is doing great. It was a little tough at first, but now we are eating 3 tablespoons once a day. Next week we'll start a new veggie.
  • Caden is a napper extroidinaire after several weeks of practice. He usually takes two naps a day, one for about an hour or so in the morning and about 2 in the afternoon. These fluctuate day to day, but we are in a pretty good routine.
  • He LOVES books. His favorites are, My Colors, Mis Colores, Jesus Storybook Bible and I Love You So.
  • He is doing great with his fine motor skills. He loves double-fisting his plastic rings. 
  • He is a DROOL MONGER!! He drools all over everything! I keep looking for a tooth, but none so far!
  • His hair is strawberry blond and getting lighter all the time. His eyes are still the prettiest blue with a dark circle around the outside (just like his mommy's!).
  • He is still allergic to milk and soy so Mommy has found lots of new food favorites by necessity! 
  • He has started running with Daddy in the Bob and loves it! Running is more his speed, more wind in the hair that way!
  • He is a great traveler and usually falls asleep if we are in the car longer than 30 minutes! Until then he plays with his car seat buddies and talks to the pretty boy in the mirror.
  • He is still fascinated by ceiling fans, although this fascination is quickly fading.
  • I tried a Baby Einstein video this month and NO WAY... he was totally not interested. I can't say I blame him. Pictures and classical music isn't really my speed either. So I popped in Toy Story 2 and he was definitely more interested although that didn't last more than about 5 minutes. 
  • Exer-saucer, Exer-saucer... Oh how I love thee! Let me count the times of day I use you!
  • We LOVE bath time, thanks to our new tub. He likes to kick and splash!
  • Speaking of water... boy do we LOVE the pool... especially when we can lounge in our frog floatie. I've got a water baby on my hands... thank goodness! 
More than anything I want to remember how much fun we've had at home together this month! I love you Caden Ford... more than I could have ever imagined. It is the highest honor to be your Mommy! You bring joy to our lives in the purest, simplest of ways! 

Caden and I had the BEST time during our 5 month photo shoot after his nap this afternoon. I went a little over board on posting pics, but I couldn't decide on just a few... 

Baseball jammies and my Bumbo...

First outfit of the day... my new "golf outfit" Albi bought me at the Wolfdancer Golf Course in Bastrop.

Afternoon Photo Shoot:

Happy boy in his briefs!

Still happy in our new threads from KK... thanks KK!

The squirmy worm pic... he is STILL a squirmy worm in EVERY sense of the phrase!

Now for the "I Can Sit Up" series...

Sitting like a big boy...

Laughing and smiling about sitting up like a big boy...

Oops... starting to lean... 

Uh-oh, I crashed...

BUT I'm up, I'm good... what's next?

Sitting up on Mommy and Daddy's bed...

I am SO FUNNY when I sit up...

Look at those eyes... 

Happy 5-Months Big Guy!!


KK said...

I know I am super prejudiced but HE is the CUTEST thing ever! Happy 5 months Caden and I FINALLY got your special picture ready so you can hang it in your room. Better late than never! Love you!

Michelle said...

He looks so much like his daddy. Can't wait to hang out soon.