Monday, June 8, 2009

Carrots Are Wicked Cool

Yes, yes they are... carrots are WICKED cool! At least I hope Caden thinks so! I sent the picture below to Justin this afternoon and YUCK was the word he chose instead of WICKED! It will be Caden's first veggie, after three solid weeks of rice cereal, which let me just say is GREAT for a kid with an overactive colon! Caden went ONE WHOLE DAY (yesterday) without pooping! I didn't think it was possible! But it is! Draw back... rice cereal makes everything a little smelly but hey we'll take it!

So why all the WICKED talk?! Yesterday, my mom aka KK took my sister-in-law aka Aunt Emmie and I to Wicked in San Antonio! It was FABULOUS! WONDERFUL! WICKED COOL! No wonder it is so POP-U-LAR! It was so much fun... a treat for sure! Thanks Mom!

While the girls were away drinking Cham-pag-ne (I like to say it like it is spelled... it's funny) and watching a wonderfully Wicked musical, Cade-man was babysitting the boys! He had Albi and Molli under control in this shot!

Daddy was the official photographer of the afternoon, and Albi and Uncle Josh did the dirty work! Daddy said Caden was a GREAT babysitter! From the looks of it, I'd say he had everything pretty much under control!

More to come this week on our wicked cool carrots! Oh and speaking of Wicked... get excited for Jill and the gang tonight on the Bachelorette! 

Much love to you all! Happy Monday!!

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Abbey said...

Wow, how familiar the pic of the carrots is. . . love it, way to go mom. Who knew ice trays could have so many uses??