Friday, June 12, 2009

"It's Time to Make Your Tornado Preparations"

Jim Spencer, Mark Murray and anyone else who was interrupting LIVE TV to bring us this critical severe weather update said, "If you live in any of the following areas (Round Rock was included in this list) it is now time to make your tornado preparations..." Which in our house means... CLEAN OUT THE CLOSET... HURRY! GO!

Exercise ball out... extra diaper bag OUT...random comforter...out! Bunch of other crud that I stuffed in there last time we had company... OUT, OUT, OUT! Big, brown floor pillows... IN! Caden in his rocker... IN... Mommy... IN... remote IN, IN, IN!

What about Daddy?! He's out on the road... trying to get off the LAKE! What are you going to do when he gets home Mommy? Kick him OUT, OUT, OUT!

Just kidding... we let him in, but I wasn't too happy about his "cuttin' it close" way of making an entrance! We made it just fine through out first official Tornado Warning since having Caden! All I have to say is... next house, BASEMENT PLEASE! I hate storms... no matter how many times I do it... sit in a closet, a bath tub or in the hallway... it NEVER gets any easier. And now with Caden it is MUCH worse! Such precious cargo those tornadoes could carry away...

Praise God for our safety and that of our home and for a little laughter amidst the storm!

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ginarowe said...

So I almost called you! Ava and I were in the bath tub and Greg barely made it home from the lake too. SCARY NIGHT! Glad there were no twisters!