Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Daddy, Someone Stole My Sugars!!"

AND it's Father's Day...ONLY you are supposed to steal MY sugars today!!

Nursery trip #2 went much better than trip #1... when we arrived NO ONE called him a girl and the ladies "wo-manning" the nursery remembered us (of course!) and had the Kleenexes near by... just in case Caden's mommy had another meltdown.

Are you doing better today?

Ha, yes thank you. I feel much more stable today!

Later, when we picked Caden up from the nursery I immediately noticed a big red mark on his that blood? A strange birthmark that appeared almost 6 months later? Worst yet, did some lil punk bonk my baby on the head? Okay... no need to freak out... let's check out the context clues... DING, DING, DING!! We have a winner... BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK at 3 o'clock! 

Caden's snuggle-buddy in the nursery was CAUGHT red-lipped! She had STOLEN a few of Caden's sugars and left behind evidence that made her case hard to plea! And I announced to the whole room (mainly Justin who was also eying the spot on his head) that in fact there was no room for alarm... Caden was simply the victim of theft... Red-Lipped Nancy had stolen his sugars!

As we were walking down the hallway out of church Justin turned and said...I was about to throw some 'bows in that room if that hadn't have been lipstick...

Ah... fatherly love!

It was much brighter in person... the picture doesn't quite do it justice!

Speaking of fatherly love... we have had the BEST day with Daddy! We actually did our Daddy-gifting last night since we would have limited time this morning and honestly Caden and I couldn't wait to share all of our surprises with Daddy!

Besides church and a quick trip to the store we have done a lot of nothing around our house today... and it has been GREAT! Well... we have been watching a lot of golf, but that's a given!

Just before Cade-man's nap this afternoon, when he was a the point of delirium he and his daddy were having the BEST time... check out the video!!

What a great day to celebrate our special Daddy and to be thankful for our own... Paps and Albi y'all are the best Dads any two kids could have ever asked for and GREAT grand-DADS for our little man! We love you both!!

Happy Father's Day!!

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