Sunday, May 31, 2009

Go Daddy...It's Your Birfday!

It's been a few weeks, but I bet you guys still remember how the Cade-man likes to start off his weekend recap posts... 


Caden here, bringing you the latest and greatest from my daddy's 27th Birthday Weekend. Hopefully you had a chance to read the little poem I cooked up for daddy, but now it's time for the good stuff...PICTURES and LOTS of them! Prepare yourselves...

It all started Thursday night when the just the Cox family of three went out to celebrate Daddy's birthday with dinner at one of our Austin fav's... Z Tejas. The night was perfect, the patio was hopping, the margs were half price and so were the apps. And what about me you ask? Well... I was the perfect gentleman... sitting patiently in my awesome umbrella stroller playing with my friend Mr. Duck while Mommy and Daddy celebrated over dinner!

Here's the BIRFDAY BOY... my daddy!

Awww... sweet Daddy!

Here is my Daddy 3 margs, one surf and turf and a slice of cheesecake later... he's looking nice and happy! 
Designated Diana aka Mommy!

Dinner was super fun. My mommy and daddy had the best time talking and laughing... reminiscing about the good 'ol days... when they were young... HA! Not anymore... you guys are parents... and you're old, and I'll continue to remind you of that as I get older, don't you worry!

Dinner went right up to my bedtime... with Mommy behind the wheel I knew I was in good hands, so I hit the hay as soon as the engine purred! For some reason Mommy and Daddy thinks it's funny to take pictures of me while I'm catching my beauty rest. Some would call it rude, but Mommy and Daddy call it memories!

All tuckered out...
I guess they felt bad for their candid photo-ops of me and decided to take an impromptu picture of themselves... what cheese heads!

Daddy's birthday celebration didn't end there... more to come from Wacky Waco!

Mommy, Daddy and I loaded up late Friday afternoon and headed north to Nana and Paps' new house in Waco. We were SO excited to see their new digs and couldn't wait to check out the sights and sounds of one of our favorite Texas cities... 

Okay so truth... I've never been to Waco, but Mommy and Daddy seem to think it's a GREAT place. I was pleased with what I saw, but unfortunately we didn't have time to see Waco's finest by visiting Baylor... in time, in time!

As soon as we got there it was time for me to eat my dinner and my rice cereal... and afterwards I decided it would probably be best to chill in my blue Bumbo while the big people cooked their own dinners. 

Black or refried beans, you ask??? Hmmmm hard choice!

Nana provided the food and I provided the entertainment... I think I did pretty well because at the end of dinner they all stood up... can't complain with that standing-O!

Paps was unable to join us Friday evening because he had to go to graduation and then to Ft. Hood for Project Graduation... principals have a tough job, but like all other jobs, somebody's got to do it! Those kids are lucky they've got my Paps!

The next morning while Paps caught some well-deserved shut-eye we headed out of the house for a little walk. Nana was super excited to grab the reigns of the Bob and take me on a tour of her hood.

On our walk we saw three baby duckies... can you see them by the tree? They were so cute... I decided it would be nice to stop and chat with my new friends!

But then, out of the shadows lurked their Mommy and Daddy... EEK! I was a little nervous. I know how protective my mommy is of me, so I understood what their beef with us was. We were just looking... no harm! And I know to wash my hands before touching babies... Mommy taught me well!

We worked up quite a sweat during our walk so you know what that means... POOL TIME!! BUT... we decided to walk to the pool too, so we were doubly sweaty. The girls and me... ready for the pool. Oh yah, and my frog floatie, I'm not sure if he/she is a boy or a girl... sorry Mr./Mrs./Miss frog floatie!

Splish, splash I was swimmin' around... 

After two walks, and almost an hour at the pool I was one tired kiddo! So I chilled in my Bob for a while when we got home... Again, Mommy and Daddy think 'sleepin' Caden' pictures are SOOOO CUTE!! Goodness gracious...

After my nap, Nana, Mommy and I headed out for a little shopping! Nana bought me some new threads and a great new pair of swim trunks... I am all set for the summer! Not long after we returned home my Great Gran and Poppa came over for dinner. 

Again... a little pre-dinner entertainment.

Saturday was quite a day... so naturally, I slept like a champ that night and woke up ready to go Sunday morning... 

Mommy and Daddy cooked breakfast for everyone while Nana and Paps played with me. I am a HUGE fan of sitting in my Bumbo on the counter, but Mommy always makes someone stand right next to me... she's afraid I'll fall or something?! I mean it's not like I've ever tried to escape before?!?! Oh wait... actually, I ALWAYS try to escape... if it wasn't for my muscular (chunky) thighs I'd be outta that thing! I still get a case of 'Bumbo Butt' everytime I sit in it...I have one thing to say to Mr. Bumbo...S, M, L and XL... not all of us babies have chicken legs... come on now!

Today, Aunt Cori and Uncle Tag met us for lunch in Waco. It was such a nice surprise to see 'ol Baldy and Cori for a few hours! I didn't get to snuggle with them as long as I would like to, but I'll take what I can get!

Our trip to Waco concluded on a high note when we visited Mommy and Daddy's friends Emily and Bryce! They just moved into a new house so we stopped by to see it... it was super pretty and very nice just like my Nana and Paps house. 

Now we're home... enjoying the rest of our Sunday and saying goodbye to a great birthday celebration! Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you!


KK said...

LOVE the picture in his cute!! Glad Justin had a good birthday weekend.....stinks to get old, huh?? Caden won't be the only one who reminds him he is getting old!

Michelle said...

Ok so Caden is just getting cuter and cuter. I can't wait to see him. I am glad yall had a fun weekend. Looking forward to lunch tomorrow.