Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away I Want to Go to the Pool Today!

Seriously? Sunny ALL week and rainy on the weekend?! What a bummer... I was really looking forward to hanging out poolside again this weekend. BUT Daddy says the rain will stop tomorrow and Mommy says this is God's way of making sure my swimming pool and my backyard are both in great shape for the summer... so I guess... let it rain today!!

Until the sun comes back out I plan on "mental swimming" as I relive my first dip in the pool!

Here I am getting ready for my first trip to KK and Albi's neighborhood pool. I had my sunscreen on, my hat pulled down over my ears, my rash guard ready to protect my tummy and my trunks secured over my swim diaper... what more could a guy need?!

Oh yah... a picture without that goofy hat... thanks Mom!

And my super cool frog floaty... 

My Albi and I were the first ones in the water... Mommy stayed on dry land to take a few pics before taking the plunge. KK was being an Oscar Myer Weiner on the steps, but we coaxed her into joining us eventually!

I took to the pool like a natural... I totally get why my mommy and daddy are so obsessed with summertime... lounging in the pool is great, especially with a side of fingers!

My daddy missed the fun in San Antonio and wanted to see my swimming skills in action, so we headed out to OUR neighborhood pool. Mommy affectionately calls this certain pool the 'Katie Cox Pool' because up until two years ago mommy was the only one who frequented the pool March-October, but now there are lots more houses in the neighborhood and the likelihood of that happening any longer is very slim... 

Last Sunday though... the Coxes WERE the ONLY ones at the Katie Cox Pool... for the 30 or so minutes we were there!

Good pic of Daddy, not so good of me... Daddy always wins out! 

Still raining... 
but I'm not complaining... 
tomorrow is a brand new day... 
a day for me to go to the pool and play!

Happy Saturday!

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