Sunday, May 17, 2009



Welcome to Baby Idol. I'm Ryan Seacrest your host. Tonight, our four finalists will compete in one of the most-anticipated shows so far this season. Our contestants will be competing in a genre that is considered one of the most difficult in the music industry...OPERA! 

First up, from Deep in the Heart of Texas, a momma's boy and daddy's champ, give it up for...




Yo, Dawg, check it... THAT WAS HOT!! Cade-man, dawg, I like you. You've got what it takes. Opera's not my thing, yo, but dawg you brought it. Great performance! 

Caden! Sweet Caden! You take my breath away. I am fanning the flames in my heart... ladies watch out! No seriously, I love your look, your hair, your stage presence. It was beautiful...truly...

Caden... wut can I say... it was good. I was afraid O-per-a wud not be your genre, but you proved me wrong. Well done...well done!

Alright America... it's up to you. To send Caden to the final three he needs your vote. Vote now by texting IDOL-03 or calling, 1-800-Idol-03.

Nice job man, head back to the Idol Lounge...

Next up, our musical guest, Thomas the Train & Friends.


KK said...

What a budding talent you have there! Such clear pitch!! hahaha

ginarowe said...

Ava and I would absolutely vote for that precious little voice!