Friday, December 25, 2009

A Merry Christmas Morning at the Cox's!

What a morning, what a morning!! It's Christmas morning in Round Rock!! 

The festivities started at 7am sharp! Caden was ready to see if that mysterious man in the big red suit, the one he left the cookies for had come to visit... 

Let's go little one... time to get on your Christmas gear!

Rounding the stairs...

Oh my! Look what we see... Santa DID come... he REALLY DID!!

And he brought me a basketball hoop!!

And a boat and a plane...

And some stuff in my stocking...

Oh dear... what's a guy to do? So much to play with on Christmas morning! 

He shoots... he SCORES!!

A shape sorter, huh?! Hmmmm... let me try that!

There was a sword... a big foam sword in Caden's stocking... Daddy was showing Caden how to fight off evil dragons!! Silly Daddy!

And just in case there was an evil dragon lurking in the corner, Caden carried it EVERYWHERE!

Take that you dragon... and that! And THAT!!

I'm leavin'... on a jet plane!! (unless Mommy ever has anything to say about it!!)

Santa also packed some cool dinosaurs in Caden's stocking too!! Caden had recently taken a huge interest in them... kind of funny!

Christmas morning is SO exciting... SO exciting in fact that a guy can get a little hungry... Caden finally decided it was time to throw in the towel and head into the kitchen to fix his oatmeal! 

Bye, bye Caden! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

(Now we're off to Waco for Christmas celebration #2!! Watch out I35 the Cox Circus is about to launch!!)

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