Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Not Pregnant, Just a Bit Busy: NEW POSTS!!

So my sister-in-law kindly reminded me the other day that I had not posted in over a week and that typically (in blogland) meant that you were suffering from the early pregnancy sickies and didn't have the energy to blog (silly Aunt Emmie!!)... so to be sure people didn't get their hopes up, I wanted to be clear and say that we are not expecting Cox baby #2, but have been a bit busy this week, and not so busy doing too much of anything other than enjoying our time together... I missed my lil guy last weekend, so I've had to make up for lost time... (LONGEST SENTENCE EVER!!)

But KK also informed me that she was in serious need of some new Caden pics, so I sat down today and did it... and now I'm all caught up! 5 new posts! I hope y'all enjoy!!


Melissa said...

Love all the new posts! I've been patiently waiting and checking all week so what a treat to see 5 new posts. You are so good! Caden looks so cute in both Christmas outfits...and you looked gorgeous before your party! How fun that you ran into Izzy and Ashley at Santa...I love that y'all are friends! (jealous too!) Where are pics from the wedding??? Can't wait to hear more about that. Love you!

CaseyWiegand said...

a. he is soooooooo so cute
b. i cant believe our boys havent met yet!!!
c. what is your fav push toy? i want to get aiden one for christmas!!!
d. love yall so much!!