Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy 11 Months Caden! (Sorry You Are Sick)

It's that time again... birthday time! Normally I would say I CANNOT BELIEVE HE IS 11 MONTHS OLD... But I'm going to switch it up this month and say, YES in fact I CAN BELIEVE IT!

I've been thinking about the past 11 months a lot lately. As we approach his 1 year birthday I have thought a lot about his party, what theme I want to use, what food I will serve, where I will order the cake... And then I've thought a lot about Caden and how much he changes each and every day. I have taken several journies back down memory lane on the blog and through my iPhoto albums... almost daily I take a gander back at some specific time over the past 11 months. I gaze at the pictures in disbelief that my sweet baby has turned into a little boy. I am amazed by his development and laugh when I think about how I never thought he'd do this and that. I remember what it was like to be pregnant with him, I remember his little (big) body growing inside of me, anticipating the day when we we'd meet face to face. Then I look at my lil man and thank my lucky stars for the face to face interaction that we have experienced each day since.

I'm going to have to wrap this post up soon or else I'll be in sobs and sobs of tears because you see this weekend Justin and I are planning our first trip away from Caden. We have a wedding to attend in East Texas and it just seemed like the best thing to do for his KK and his Albi to come stay with him rather than to be forced into another road trip so soon after our Thanksgiving travels. And to top it off he came down with his FIRST fever last night ,which led to our FIRST sick visit to the doctor this morning, which then led to the diagnosis of his FIRST ear infection... lots of firsts coming in month 11! And I am pretty sure that ALL of them will be harder on me than on him!! I'm a wreck about leaving him for the weekend... a whole day of not seeing my sweet boy... ug... I can't talk about it... I'm so over crying! 

Moving on... 

11 Months! Caden is up to so much these days. He's taking steps, 6 has been our record so far. He is standing with no support and does it best when he doesn't realize he is doing it. He's a climber, a dancer, a crawler, a pusher, a jumper, A BOY! He is sweet as sugar and loves giving hugs and affectionate head-butts. He is a SUPER duper momma's boy but he sure loves his Daddy. His daddy still makes him laugh more than anyone else, mainly because he tickles him more than anyone else, but nonetheless he is a giggler when he's playing with his pops! He is still nursing two times a day... and I am becoming more and more prepared for my last time to nurse. Being bitten really isn't all that it's cracked up to be, you know?! :) He has learned to shake his head no and I think he shakes his head no for yes too. His Aunt Cori found this particularly hilarious over Thanksgiving and has made the habit a bit worse... just remember Cori... payback... payback...payback! :) He still isn't much of a talker. He babbles a little, but mostly chooses to use his very expressive face to communicate and of course now his head shakes are great too. Caden loves to EAT which is no surprise, his favorites are mac n cheese and grilled cheese... SO cheese in general. He is super active and keep me on my toes, finding new ways to explore the world around him each and every time he plays. 

Caden you are my very best friend and the greatest co-worker I've ever had! :) You make my job the best job in the world. I am so thankful I am your mommy. I have so loved the past 11 months and am looking forward to as many more as the good Lord gives us! 

Because the tears are forming again and I'm over them... it's time to wrap up... I love you sweet Cade-man!! Happy 11 Month Birthday!!

Because Caden was a little poopy today we didn't get many pics... poor thing! He is doing better tonight, smiling and giggling like normal. He is having a bit of a rough start to his sleep for the night but we are hoping that it gets better too! We all like sleep around here!


Cori said...

What a cutie! Hope he's feeling better. Loving the head shake! :)

twhit said...

I am so sorry that he is sick. I hope that Cy didn't spread his germs! Take a deep breath and have a great time. You are leaving him in great hands!

Melissa said...

11 months...wow! I hope you have a great night out this weekend. Can't wait to hear about it!

Emily Evans said...

So Katie- I noticed it has been almost a week and a half since you last posted. That reminded me that most gals tend to stop blogging regularly when they are pregnant but not publicizing it yet... Should I be gearing up for a big announcement? :)

Love ya!