Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Photo Shoot: Outfit #2

Today, Nana was still in town from babysitting the Cade-man so we took the opportunity to go on a special Christmas adventure. We went to visit the Macy's Santa at The Domain. First we had a yummy lunch at CPK with Daddy and then it was time to visit the BIG guy in the red coat. Oddly enough this particular Santa wasn't a big guy at all... he was kind of skinny... the Biggest Loser version of Santa... 

Before we walked through the doors, one of "Santa Elves" popped out with fresh baked cookies and asked us if we were Katie and Justin... I told her I was in fact Katie, but Justin was not with us. She said that there was someone who knew us inside... I couldn't imagine who would be predicting our arrival, but then as we walked through the door and saw some of our favorite faces I remembered that Caden's friend Izzy and her Mommy and Daddy were also going to be visiting Santa today and we all happened to show up at the same time... it was SO fun getting to see them!

Caden was also excited to introduce his friend Izzy to his Nana... it's not every day you get to do that! We had a fun day on Wednesday with Izzy, Ashley and Izzy's Grammie in Brenham. I hope to have pics of that little adventure to share very soon!

After our visit to Santa which went fairly well, no actual meltdown...he almost started to cry but then he pulled himself together and ended up giving us a smile... so after our visit, I decided to try my hand at a few Christmas pics under the big Christmas tree. In typical 11-month form Caden wouldn't really sit still, but I still got a few to show-off his Christmas duds!

I tried again at home... again... no such luck! Photo shoots aren't as easy as they used to be! :)

We are super excited to spend a family weekend at home... Justin and I have another Christmas party tomorrow night... hurray! We are also hiring a babysitter for the first time... eek! :) Wish us luck! 

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Ashley said...

Such a treat to get to see ya'll again Friday! So glad Caden did good with Santa! I haven't even put the pics up from Brenham on my computer yet haha!! I will do tomorrow and get them to you!! Hope ya'll have fun tonight!