Thursday, December 24, 2009

Feliz Navidad de San Antonio

Merry Christmas from San Antonio, Texas. Well, actually from the Rock... we're back in town for less than 24 hours before we pack up and head out for Christmas celebration #2. It's Christmas Eve in Texas and we are super pumped up about the day ahead of us. Christmas has always been about children hasn't it?! It started with a child and the fun continues year after year with children around the world. As Justin and I were eating dinner tonight we were discussing how much FUN Christmas is with a kiddo! It takes you back to a happy place of fantasy and make believe... the childlike faith that we so desperately hold onto as we grow older. What sweet memories we are creating with Cade-man this year!

Late on Tuesday night we loaded up the circus and headed to San Antonio for our first Christmas celebration. Caden and I were eagerly anticipating our Evans-style Christmas ALL day on Tuesday... we were packed and ready to go by 1pm, but Daddy didn't get home until MUCH later. But a late arrival in SA meant a LATE bedtime for the Cade-man! He was being quite the delirious little sleepy-head and cracking us up with his screams and yells as he toddled all over the house! 

The next morning we celebrated Christmas with Aunt Emily and Uncle Josh and LOTS of presents. When Caden came downstairs that morning, I'm not sure he even had a clue what madness was about to take place. As one can imagine this child is no where short of SPOILED, and that is with a capital "S!" But we'll take it... all of it. Because really spoiled means LOVED! And there can never be too much of that...

Here is Caden in his Christmas jammies taking in the sights and sounds of "Christmas Morning" at KK and Albi's house. 

Caden had WAY too many things to show a picture of them all, but here are just a few for your viewing pleasure!
It's a bird... it's a plane... it's SUPER-CADEN!! It even has a cape!!

After presents it was time to EAT... it's what we do BEST! KK really outdid herself this year with a scrumptious Christmas Breakfast! And look at her pretty dining room... her table was so festive! See the little elf poking out of the corner?!

After breakfast we saw Emily and Josh off to Nac and we headed back inside to play with all of our fun new toys! KK and Albi found this hilarious winter coverall with a funky hat just like Justin's old ski hat. When they saw it, it reminded them too much of Justin and they couldn't pass it up and boy are we glad they didn't! It is AWESOME! It covers every inch of that boy!

And next we tried on the SUPER-CADEN outfit. Caden was asking Molli if she'd be SUPER-MOLLI, his canine sidekick!

And then what else is there to do but play on your brand NEW slide!!! WEEEEEEEE!!!

KK and Albi totally tricked out Caden's backyard with a slide and a fun picnic table and an umbrella! He's ready for Spring! Until then we'll be doing LOTS of sliding indoors!! 

Later in the afternoon we headed to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens to see the BUG collection. It was a really great exhibit to check out and the gardens are awesome! We can't wait to go back and visit again. Caden especially liked looking at all of the BIG bugs AND taking a WALK through the gardens! I can't believe how much he's walking... every day he gets stronger and stronger... I never thought he'd be walking before his first birthday, but once again he's making a liar out of me! 

Family faces in the cactus wreath! Shockingly, I wasn't quite tall enough!

After the Gardens we headed home for the rest of the day. The girls got out and got a mani, pedi... and all I can say is THANK YOU KK FOR MY BEAUTIFUL RED RED RED NAILS! I love them! It really has inspired me to keep a nicer manicure on my hands... we'll see how long it lasts! :) And the boys went on a little outing of their own as well... nothing says BOY like a trip to Cavenders! :)

Today we checked out Albi's favorite toy store in San Antonio! Justin had never been and Caden was of course VERY happy to show his daddy all the GREAT toys. Wouldn't you know, we didn't leave empty-handed! Before we headed out, I had to take some pics of my lil man in his new clothes... aren't they cute??!! A little turtle neck... oh my!

He already needs another haircut!! Goodness gravy!

For lunch we HAD to eat some yummy Mexican food, because, well that is just what you do in San Antonio. Lunch was great as always, but the highlight was Caden's charming ways... it scored him a free dessert no less. He was quite enchanted with the women-folk around us today... he stole three different ladies' hearts... maybe my little shy guy is turning into quite a go-getter! Oh dear!

After lunch we made cookies for Santa. We each decorated a few... EVEN Caden! Actually, I guess I should have said EVEN Albi. Albi decorated a cookie... an angel-shaped cookie no less. The things you will do for your grandkids... Amazing!

I squirted three different colors of icing on Caden's tray and gave him a cookie... and the rest is art in the making!

Fat and happy... pleased with his craftsmanship! :)

Not bad huh?! KK's are the prettiest... of course!

On our way back to the Rock we encountered the unthinkable... SNOW... when we pulled into the garage I grabbed my camera to see if I could get a pic to prove it... can you see it?!! Maybe?!

Once we got home we did Christmas from Mommy and Daddy! Caden wasn't really interested in those gifts though... boring stuff like books and clothes! Things Mommy and Daddy thought he "needed." But we made memories regardless of his appreciation of the gifts! :)

Yay... clap, clap, clap... ALL done! Time for church!

After a very busy day Caden did a great job at church! We put on his pretty boy outfit for the service... isn't it cute?! 

He's SO over pictures at this point...

Just a quick one with Mommy! 

And one with Daddy after we bundled up in our winter coverall!

Before bed tonight, Caden set out his cookies for Santa... and instead of milk he gave Santa a Coke. This comes from Mommy's side of the family. We always felt like a Coke was WAY more of a treat than Milk... so a 100 calorie coke for Santa it is!

What's that I hear...?!!

Up on the rooftop reindeer paw... Santa made it to the Rock!


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KK said...

Oh what a great recap of the past few days! It was too fun. Love his little blue outfit.......such a pretty boy. Merry Christmas! We love you.