Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Whit Does Gtown

One Sunday evening I hear a little ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling...

A text...

From Emily...

And it said, 

"I know it's a bit short notice, but can Whit and I come visit you this week?"

And I said...


So needless to say, I just about peed myself and had to think long and hard whether or not to share the news with the rest of my fam immediately, knowing that the few days we had until their arrival might be VERY long with excited and anxious kids ready for their cousin to visit!

But I just couldn't contain myself!

So we celebrated and eagerly awaited his arrival!!


And guess what?? He made it! In one piece and without drama and proved himself to be a road trippin' warrior! And I guess his mama wasn't so bad herself! Wink! :)

We had ALL sorts of things we wanted to do with Whit, but we tried our best not to smother him... but that actually didn't turn out very well at all... we totally smothered him!

And he didn't mind at all... he seemed pretty good with it, actually! He loves us... :) No one needs to know that he loves EVERYONE... :) Just us!

I got to feed him a bottle! Always a favorite!

And poor Whit go to play with all sorts of toys and even try on some accessories!

He looked great as Birdie! 

And he LOVED Kaki's babies! Particularly, trying to claw their eyes out, but of course he meant this in the sweetest way possible! :) He loves grabbing faces and to this baby he did no different!

The pile o crud, I mean toys, in his lap was insane! Again... poor Whit!

Caden and I tried to teach Whit how to selfie while Kaki was napping... 

He wasn't so sure about it!! But after observing a bit... 

He was like... I got this! 


Caden was eager to teach Whit a little bit about Baylor football. Caden is the leading expert, after all. Whit seemed into it.

We introduced Whit to our favorite four-legged friend... Scottie!

I think he prefers his brother and sister canines back In Nac, but Scottie served his purpose.

We were excited to take Whit out on the town... and watch him eat! Which is actually VERY entertaining. Baby led weaning is legit... I'm glad that wasn't a fad though when I had babies because I'm not sure I have thick enough skin for it... but it truly is amazing how it works!

While at dinner we had a first... the kid end and the adult end!! AWESOME!!

Whit was the best behaved of all three!! 

Whit has had his reservations about Justin in the past, but this trip they had a moment... and the rest is a big fat book of love and history!

I mean look at that face... that was all in response to his Uncle J! He loves him some Uncle J!

Especially when Uncle J has access to the milk!

He's a sweet, sweet man that Uncle J!

All done! Fat and happy!! :)

Then it was BATH TIME! But cousin bath time from my camera lens was a bit inappropriate. But Aunt Emily captured it beautifully with hers so we'll have to go with those! :)

After bath we had some cousin goodnight snuggle!

For as full of energy and BOY as Caden is, he is a little tender heart when it comes to his younger cousins. He dotes on them with the most affectionate adoration and it's pretty darn cute to watch. He says he will babysit Aunt Ree Ree's new baby when he gets to be 10 and that baby is 5. Okay, done!

And while Kaki loves Whit, she has a soft spot for her Aunt Emily. She wanted her to do everything with her. And she introduced Aunt Emily to the world of Egg Opening via You Tube. I am sure Aunt Emily may forever wonder about Justin and I's ability to filter our child's YouTube experience but we're okay with that, because Kaki loved inviting her into her world! :)

Aunt Emily made us the MOST delicious homemade Oreos! We ate them all! And they were worth every calorie and even better than the real thing!! We love that Aunt Emily loves to bake! :)

The next morning we took it easy before Whit's first nap in preparation for a late morning park date!

Oh and sweet Kaki just about severed the relationship between her and her sweet Aunt Emily when she asked if she could keep Pink Bear at her house. And of course Caden was blown away that Aunt Emily still sleeps with a bed friend. He wouldn't believe it at first... hahaha! It was pretty funny! Of course, who is he to judge? He too, has some bed friends that he is very fond of! And Kaki, well she totally gets it. And she wanted to add Pink Bear to her collection of lovies and bed friends, but Aunt Emily politely, yet effectively told her no! :)

I think Aunt Emily must have a HUGE soft spot for her little Kaki too because she let Kaki carry around Pink Bear the entire morning! Now that's love! :)

Once Whit was up we headed out to the park for Whit's first OFFICIAL SWING! We were excited to get to witness! 

But his excitement, while not easily seen, was surely there! He was a chillin', relaxin' dude in his shades in that swing! No big deal, he said! No big deal!

But it was, Whit! It was a huge deal! Your first park swing!! SUCH FUN!!!

Aunt Emily was in high demand... and got a good workout! :)

Look at that boy!!

Whit did so well at the park and loved all of the action! Of course Kaki thought she needed to take a spin in Whit's stroller on the way out... and Aunt Emily sweetly let her! Mercy, that girl!

She's nearly as big as Emily!

After the park we hit up our favorite lunch spot and watch Whit pound a turkey burger and some fruit and he was pretty happy about it! Clearly!!

Whit is the happiest boy and makes everyone around him happy! He spreads cheer wherever he goes. He's the ultimate Cheer Bear! And we love him so!

Thanks for bringing Whitters to Gtown, Aunt Emily! We appreciate it so much and know that trips are no small thing! We love y'all!! COME BACK SOON!!!


KK said...

Can't say it enough-love those three!!

Emily and Josh said...

We had such a great time! Whit loved EVERY minute... and so did I! Love you guys!