Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Springy Photo Dump With Commentary


Easter, done.

The rest of Spring came and went pretty quickly and we were along for the ride!

Kaki clearly believed that her Spring was traveling by choo choo...

All aboard...

She is always fully accessorized! Fully! Don't miss the Belle tattoo barely peeking out above her bangles! Goodness!

One morning we went to the store and came home with a donut or two... not sure how that happened!

So we decided to do some playing outside to work off those donuts! We had two weddings coming up... there was no messing around! :)

After reviewing Kaki's Easter pics it became VERY apparent that girlfriend needed her a haircut!

So off we went...

But we were early... so...

RUN AROUND... chase... GRAB... just do it outside!! :)

My cutie patootie little one with a bob!! Love her!

And then we got home and had a special prize in the mail... our new bowband... :) 

Of course it didn't take long for me to learn that we weren't quite ready for the bowband just yet... it spent way more time on the floor than in our hair... in time, in time!

I'll just have to stick to her regular bows... :)

One weekend in April we had our town's Red Poppy Festival! It's a super fun weekend of friends, festival and fantastic music! :)

First stop is always the parade... 

This year we met up with friends after Caden's soccer game and enjoyed a few refreshments before walking over to stake out our spots!

Then we played some of the festival games... Of course Caden is always ready for a race... racing against his little sister's friend. Little sister was in NO WAY, shape or form getting in that thing and she made that perfectly clear.

Go Caden!

Well... he won! 

He beat a three year old girl! :) But in Caden's world a win is a win... so we was happy! :)

Not sure if this was the same weekend or another weekend, but I snapped a pic of my two littles before church... matchy, matchy of course! :) I can't help myself and they love it... for now! :)

I mentioned earlier we had two weddings coming up in May, one such wedding was for my cousin Clay. My aunt Martha needed us to run some interference for her and pick up a few things at Ikea... which we were happy to do... we love that place! Especially on a Monday!! :)

I realize someday I might look back at this post and think... why in the world was Kaki in her stroller and sans shoes. But it's hard to imagine I'll ever forget her crazy, ahem, energetic view of life. Mercy child! I say, "Lord of Mercy, help me!" A LOT and so now she says, "Lawsy Mercies!" when she encounters those shake your head moments of her own.

Here's our Ikea loot... ready to rehearse!

Okay... this next picture is part of a funny story! So, I was walking with a friend and when I got home, Justin and Caden were swinging on the front porch. Caden had the iPad and was playing a game while swinging. When I walked up the steps I said, "Hey Bubs!" He looked up and said "Hey Mommy!"

They kept swinging and I was making small talk and I looked at Caden and he turned WHITE as a sheet. He said, "My throat hurts, I think I'm going to throw up!"

So Justin naturally stopped at the mention of vomit and he stood up and said, "Mommy I'm spinning."

Well, goodness gracious if he didn't get MOTION SICKNESS from power swinging with his Daddy! He wasn't looking at the horizon and instead at the iPad and his first look up was his doom.

We came inside and got some water, I put a cold/wet paper towel around his neck to calm his hurl urges and told him to lay down until he stopped spinning. I went to start my shower and came back to this...

No more spinning... 

So needless to say none of us look at anything but the horizon when we swing! :)

As soon as the sun started peeking out and the days getting a bit warmer you could find us on the driveway... at the park... in the bubbles, with the chalk... 

One day Caden thought he'd try his hand at photography... nailed it!

One day I scored a HUGE box of of play dough at TJMaxx and so we've been have WAY too much fun with it!

Justin was not impressed by my sculpting abilities but Caden and Kaki sure were! Go Bears!

Kaki loves a colorful creation!

And I had the SWELL idea to make penny prints in the dough... which turned into quite the masterpiece and clean up! :)

BUT she had fun and was SOOO proud! She insisted she pose next to her art! And yes syrup is still out from breakfast... this pic was about 5:15... oops!

Plentiful pennies!

After talking to one of my favorite mamas at a play date in April I learned a new trick... :)

I upped the ante on time out with the nose in the corner...oh yah!! 

That spot on my wall now has TWO cheek stains... 

This day was particularly funny because RGIII was in the corner... HAHAHAHAHA!

One day Kaki dressed up her favs and asked me to take pictures of their party outfits!

Mommy and Kaki morning selfie!

Another rough day in the corner department... I am not sure this actually works any better but it sure does make me giggle and Lord knows I need a few of those during these moments! :)

Late in the day selfie!!

That should take us to wedding weekend numero uno!


Katie and Justin Cox said...

I still just crack up at the swing story. Poor guy.

KK said...

Ugh. Finally signed you out and me in.