Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Photo Dump And We're Current

I don't think I've been up to date since before Kaki was born! So that's just a week shy of three years, but I choose to focus on the perseverance it took to continue... because there were plenty of times where I was tempted to throw in the towel!





Here we are. And at the end of this post we will be current! :) Just in time for a sweet two year old to turn three at her Three-esta!! 

These pictures are a smattering from June.

First up...

Dog Training 101.

What you can't see is their "MASTER" standing behind the two little ones! Our dogs don't listen to anyone but Justin and he's home the least so... if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything... 


Justin's birthday was actually in May... and thankfully I took a picture of this AWESOME card that Caden worked so hard on, because Daddy is not one bit sentimental and that card is not in the Gtown Dump. Tear!

We celebrated our Daddy with a fun family night after cousin Whit left! 

And then...

Duh, duh, duh...

Allergies strike again!

Bless this little ones heart! These can be rough! We aren't sure if she caught a cold too or if it was all allergies but this was a rough round in the eye itching and snots department! :) But we love our doctor... she always makes us feel better!

Not sure when this was... but I love it... three of my favorites!

The first week of summer was exciting!! The pools opened up on a Monday and we were there right at 10am!! :) Ready to go!!

Selfie... another one!

We've been practicing our bike riding!

And this guy got to join the Mommy and Kaki fun... asthma because of allergies for him too!! YES!

And poor guy couldn't catch a break...

That would be a slobber mark from a BIT from his sister!

And the beginnings of a bruise... that got much worse!

I asked her why, "Because I wanted his football!"


The next part I'll spare you.

KK and Albi came for Caden's last soccer game in June. We had some cleaning to do. I asked them to clean the table... I left the room and came back to find this! :)

They got here on Friday... Albi got in late and then we were up and at 'em for an 8:30am game!

I snapped the cute pics of the g-rents in the "guest bedroom" which is also our living room. Hehehe!

Kaki gathered herself a tree leaf pom-pom to cheer on Caden!

Caden was ready!!

The RED team after their last game... they went undefeated! :) If you count to ties as a win! :)

After the soccer game we checked out a new pizzeria in town... SO SO SO fun and good. Then it was off to work... we had a swing set to build!! :) Albi and Justin were thrilled! But Kaki was even more so!! :) Happy early Birthday Kaks!

Kaki always wants to sit in  her KK's lap!

And her mama's too... which I love and appreciate! Especially when she is wearing one of her MANY accessories! Two headbands... one as an actual headband and the other as a necklace!

ALL done!!

Bath time cuties!!

An early morning selfie... Kaki and I are such amateurs! :)

Caden loves to swing... it's the only thing he wants to do besides play with a ball... :) I'll take it! 

Caden and I were being silly the other night while waiting for a big thunderstorm to pass! :)

Last Friday was Friday fun day!

We started out with a movie... WHICH WAS FABULOUS!! A must see. I cried! :) Not surprised. Sleeping Beauty was my VERY favorite as a child. Caden and I watched it earlier in the week to get geared up for Maleficent. I can still sing every song! :)

All ready... and Kaki did open her eyes in time to catch the movie!

After the movie we got pulled over... so we got two free stickers! UGH! Poor Caden was getting in trouble just before the cop pulled us over. I was "talking sternly" (ahem) to him and so he insisted it was all his fault. And I'd love to agree with him, but it was mine. I was going 43 in a 35... and missed out on the ticket this time! :) Praise the Lord!

After that we came home grabbed a quick lunch, went on a quick walk/run/scooter ride so Mommy could get a workout...

Then we were hot and sweaty and needed to take a dip!

And Kaki wanted to wear her boots!!

Summer veggies... LOVE the bright colors!! 

Caden... being silly!!

My two loves... taking a break after a hot day in the sun! :)

Stuffing a pinata for the THREE-ESTA!! :) More on this... stay tuned!!

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