Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Week In Between the Weddings (And Kinder Round-Up!)

After our Reedy wedding weekend it was back to business as usual...

Our last MOPS meeting on Cinco de Mayo... Ole!


Some with more personality than others... ahem!

Some school work happened!

Which was good because we registered for SCHOOL!!

And little sister was super sad to know that it wasn't her turn quite yet!

This chester cheese head is VERY excited to head to school next year! He has three buddies that he knows pretty well and several neighborhood kids with whom he is very fascinated... all who will be walking the same halls next year. He was really, really excited to register until we pulled up in the parking lot which we pass EVERY day since the school is behind our house, and he got a bit nervous. He thought about crying, but didn't, which made me think about crying, but I didn't.

Then we walked through those doors and it all became very real. It smelled just like I remember elementary school smelling and then I realized that this was actually happening. I had to pause and take a deep breath because I felt my emotions beginning to get the best of me. This is the me that is excited for school... so excited... but like Caden the walls became very real once we entered. 

So I grabbed my HUGE packet of paper work right after my friend grabbed hers and we set to work. I finished a good 20 minutes before her because my self-preservation and adrenaline worked simultaneously to help me focus and rally for one heck of a paperwork completion time. :)

Since I was writing the speed of light, Caden had some time to look around while we waited for our friends. As we waited he posed for a few more pictures.

And then we got the four that know each other the best to pose for a photo op and about photo number 3 the tears began to fall and I began to have a mommy meltdown. This was it. That little 9lb,7oz boy was now a 48 lb almost Kindergartner and my heart couldn't take it.

So I snatched Caden and Kaki up like it was nothing and out the door we went. It didn't take but 10 minutes or so for them to start fighting and behaving like the toots they can sometimes be that I was reminded yet again, that school will be a good thing! :) But... it's still a bit real... walls... and smells... and gyms... and cafeterias and bathrooms (dirty ones)... and he's off!

But I've still got a few months...

Later that week we played with crayons, otherwise known as mommy therapy.

Made fortune tellers... 


And sat for a spell... 

She is the prettiest girl I've ever seen and I know I'm completely biased! But still... she's the prettiest!

And then we wrapped up our week with what else than another round of selfies.

Wedding numero dos... coming up next!

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