Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Weekend Numero Uno, #reedytobewed

Wedding weekend time!!! Whoo whoo whoo!!

We loaded up in Daddy's truck for the weekend, so we were packed to the gillies! We couldn't quite get Kaki in our selfie... or maybe it was that she was exerting some instinctual self-preservation and opted not to lean over into the pic! But really, I think it was just plain old "I'm being a terd" syndrome. Yep! That was definitely it. 

We were SOOOOOO excited to see everyone! We had to get there by noon in order to decorate for the rehearsal... especially since my big blue Ikea bags had the majority of the goods! :) 

We met up with everyone and dropped our stuff in our house and set straight to work. Women were potting succulents, women were stuffing frames with pictures. There was some burlap square cutting, some flower assembly and then in a flash we were off to the country club to set up.

Naturally, we had WAY TOO MUCH fun while we were working and were pretty proud of our finished product... so we took a pic... and we are hoping that someday soon it ends up on Pinterest.

Not really... but we did mention that it was a possibility (long shot!). We were proud of our hard work!

Then in a twinkling it was time to party!!


The rehearsal was AWESOME! The view and the sunset were like none other. It turned out to the be perfect setting to kick off the BEST wedding weekend.

My heart was so full being with all of my cousins! We took lots of pics and I am so grateful to have these precious memories immortalized.

First up the originals...

Then the girls... just the girls... minus our new addition, Holly! She'll come next!

Oh wait... first we had to do some cray-cray photo-op... not sure what was going on but some of us got the silly memo, ahem ME and Chatty and some of us did not... :) Not sure who I was making that face at... betting money on Cade-man! :)

Okay now... ALL the girls... the cousins... with HOLLY!!! Our bride to be!

Then just my little corner of the big fam... the Evans Fam!

Then the Whitaker girls... the true originals! And they clearly have some kind of family gene thing going in the white pant party! Who knew?!!! 

My two... pretty in pink!!

And two of my favorite girls EVER!! Chatty and Kaki!

My two again, but Kaki picked up a purse!! :) Accessorize!!

My two with their favorite cousin!! SHHHHH don't tell!

Another photo of the girls... 

The rehearsal was fabulous! We laughed, we cried, we ate, we drank... then it was time to head home... 

Get some sleep...

For a time...



Don't you hate that?! 

Those dreaded words "Mommy, I threw up!"


But none the less it happened... to our littlest Lou... we were so sad and she was so sad. It passed quickly and later on... like WEEKS later we'll learn what actually caused this fun time but at this moment we thought... BUG!

So we made the executive decision to head home that morning! With a wedding yet to happen we were praying that the bug would remain in Kaki only or at least in hibernation until the wedding festivities were over. I was just holding my breath until another one bit the dust... Caden was my most likely candidate seeing has he was sharing the bed with Kaki and her vomit... ugh!

We got home mid-morning and set Kaki up in her room!

I cried lots of tears on the way home... sad to miss out on such a big milestone in my cousin's life and the family time that I treasure! The stomach bug had made me miss celebrating my birthday with my parents and three days late to Christmas in 2013... 2014 was supposed to be different and I was PISSED!!!

But Kaki was doing awesome... drinking and eating bland foods and keeping them down like it was nothing!

So we played the wait and see game... if she was continuing to improve by 3:00 we would head up and and make it to College Station just in time for the wedding.

And guess what...

She did great...

So we did it! God is the the God of restoration!! I was so very grateful!

We went back... of course after getting everyone's blessing! SOOOO happy! 

And we got to watch Clay and Holly tie the knot!

And hold Chatty's bouquet...

And have the best night on record DANCING the night away!!!

Kaki went back after dinner at the reception to stay with the babysitter who was watching Whit which happened to be G-Dawg's Aunt Kelsey! Did you get all of that? She was awesome and we were so thankful to have her there to keep our kiddos safe!

Meanwhile, after dinner was served the band got warmed up and my little five year old was the FIRST one on the dance floor... with me there of course... cue the awkward mom in the hot pink dress with the ENTIRE wedding reception still seated at their tables... don't mind us... we're just going to get this party started! Caden had much more courage that his dear ol' mom, but I did my best to give it a go.

Thankfully, a bit later more and more started joining us and it turned into a BIG party! Caden NEVER stopped dancing... and that night his dance of choice was "the jump!" He literally jumped up and down for 2 hours straight... he's going to have the best calves!! 

There were glow sticks...


And group selfies where I make the MOST obnoxious face (in EVERY one!)

I danced with my boy and my man and had a GREAT time!!

We were so glad to be there and having a sickness break in the middle gave us even more appreciation for celebrating! And it gave Caden the opportunity to nap... in his own bed, which would prove to be critical to his dancing successes! :)

The band LOVED Caden... he was their super fan and they were so sweet to him! 

The next morning we had breakfast with those who could stay a bit later and then headed back home... and this time for good.

We are so excited to have Holly join our crazy lovable family! Happy wedding!!

What a great weekend!


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KK said...

What a crazy 24 hours but so fun. And sooo glad there was no bug to pass around.