Monday, June 16, 2014

Wedding Weekend Numero Dos

It's time for wedding weekend numero dos. And this time we got to head north to the big city of Tom Bean. Okay, so maybe it's not a big city, but big country it is, assuredly! 

On the way up we made a pit stop for some lunch and some treats...

Messy faces all around! And shut eyes... I am thinking they were not so thrilled for a photo-op. Go figure!

We made it to Tom Bean just in time with change clothes and head to the church, which was not in Tom Bean but another teeny tiny Texas town.

The church was adorable and like something you'd see in a movie... little white chapel! We were all so excited to see G-Dawg... and of course those that come with him... his Bop and Nana and his Mama... oh yah and his new baby brother who is still cooking! And all of the other family members we don't get to see near enough. Grandma and the Tom Bean Coxes!

The kids were GREAT at the wedding thanks to some randomness I found in my bag of tricks. It did the trick! After the wedding we waited around for some pics... Bop had a lap full of grands!

Then our crew hit up the front and center life! I got to Tom Bean and realized I left Caden's shirt and bow tie at home... luckily we had another semi-nice shirt in his bag to made do! Mommy fail!

At the reception the kids stole the show! Lots of dancing out of our three and another little red-headed girl! Other than that you didn't see much more action, but thankfully Morgan's parents money wasn't an entire waste! Our kids had the BEST time! :)

Kaki got some skirt twirlin' action!

Caden and I did some selfie taking while we were hanging out! It was a little surprise we left for Daddy on his phone! :) 

Cuttin' a rug! G has some serious moves, which I am sure his Daddy would tell you all came from him... ahem!

More dancing!

And me and my girl on Mother's Day morning! She had kind of a funky night that night and wasn't really able to find her sweet spot... sleep was not happening! But her sleeping in the crook of my arm all night might have been one of the best presents I've ever gotten on Mother's Day... even taking the the whole not sleeping thing into consideration. I knew sleep would come again, but I wasn't sure how many more times I'd get to sleep with my littlest love right by me like that! I was thankful!

And excited to be back in my bed that night! :) :) :)

The morning after we had a great time reliving the night before with all of our sweet family members! The boys cooked the mamas breakfast and we even got a visit from the newly weds themselves, Preston and Morgan... before they headed off on their honeymoon!

AND sweet G and I had a break through. He's never too excited to see little ol Aunt Katie which is understandable since I always come with two REALLY cool cousins in tow. BUT... G took my hand at the reception and led me out to the dance floor to dance... and that was all she wrote! :) He had my heart and I think he might finally think I'm not too bad either! :) Maybe...

At least I know what to do to win him over again and again... COOKIES! 

For breakfast...

In my lap!

A happy aunt was I!

Another fun wedding weekend in the books!

Who's next???!

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Cori said...

Such a fun weekend! I loved watching our kiddos dance and have so much fun! And of course G loves his Aunt Katie, but even more so when cookies are involved! :)