Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We're Going to Our KK and Albi's House...

To play and party and swim...

Won't you ride along with me...


Won't you ride along with me?!

Too MUCH Daniel Tiger in this house lately. Everything can be solved with one of Daniel's snappy songs, which I must say does take the edge off of those sticky situations... :) 

So we went to visit KK and Albi in the CC and naturally we had a FABULOUS time and got to do lots of fun things!

First up...


We went to the HOOKS game!

Caden had his glove ready to go... He was sure he'd catch a ball!

Our row of cuties!!

Our view!

There is nothing better than baseball in the summer! I was determined to make it to the 7th inning stretch so I could sing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame.' Justin and I (pre-kids) used to frequent our hometown RR Express and even had season tickets one season... minor league ballparks are the best venues! Whataburger Field didn't disappoint!

Caden had his hands up trying to catch the t-shirt throwers to give him a go!

Kaki ate popcorn and frequented laps, because that's how she rolls... but did really well! She loves collecting everyones tickets!! She's a collector! And that hair... she was meant to live at the beach! :)

As the sun sets the harbor bridge lights up over the backside of the stadium! It's a really neat view!

JUST before we were about to head out one of the kind guys in the press box threw Caden a ball, thankfully Albi is TALL and snagged it! We had a happy little Hooks fan!

And naturally, Albi had to even the score and take everyone to the gift shop for a little souvenir!

A cool shot of the entrance!

We had a BLAST at the game and that was only our first night!!

Next up was the Aquarium which my kids are lucky enough to frequent, but they have never been able to go to the splash park, so this trip we started there! It was super fun! Unfortunately, Kaki started off with a pretty intense nasal cleanse after standing over one of the water features so our time there was shorter than we'd have liked but two kids who run at different speeds often means compromise, so that's what we did! She sucked it up and did her best to play and Caden left before we was quite ready!

But not to worry because there was MUCH more fun to be had! The Aquarium has a great view of the USS Lexington which I think is one of the neatest things to do in CC! We haven't taken the big tour yet, but I am anxious to once the kids get just a bit older! :)

A picture by the sea... 

And a few under the sea...

I finally had the privilege of meeting Kai and Shadow! YAY! 

We saw the seas turtles, the otters, the sting rays. We went to the observation deck and we ended with the BIRD show!!

Funny story... or not so funny as it may be, but one that I will enjoy remembering as Kaki gets older.

At the end of the bird show they ask for donations for their endangered animal program... which of course, let's support that! So KK gave Caden and Kaki each a dollar to put in the bucket as we walked out of the amphitheatre.

Well, as you'd guess Caden put the money straight in the bucket. He was first. Then it was Kaki's turn... well before I knew what hit me girlfriend had made a beeline out of the stands, yelling, "I don't want to give the birds my dollar!" as she ran. She was also trying to stuff that dollar into one of her pockets so that it would be there for safe keeping. The crowd filtering out of the place was chuckling at the scene and I knew that there wasn't much more to do... she was headed for the ocean! So I hung my head and sighed and realized I've got lots more to do in the benevolence, philanthropy, tithing and acts of service department. BLESS it!

The baseball game and the aquarium were our two BIG outings but we had plenty of other fun.

Like watering KK's plants. Caden has always loved to do this!!

And I set out to prove it... found a pic I remember posting WAY back!

Sweet boy!

We went to the park one morning before we did something... now I can't remember what we were doing... OH... right! Shopping! :) Corpus has a Dillard's CLOSE and a HomeGoods that just opened up... I had to take advantage! :) 

I know the pictures below looks as if Kaki is on some strange torture device and to me that is exactly what it is, but she wanted to do it... I promise!

But she LOOKS much happier on the tire swing!! Naturally!

We had a great time in CC. Got to eat some YUMMY food, Italian, Fish, Sandwiches! Can't beat a trip to the CC. This time we skipped out on the beach but I know there will be more time for that soon enough!

Thanks for hosting us in your casa, KK and Albi! We had a SUPER fun time! Let do it again soon! Wink! Love you!

Side note:
This is a gruesome details that I need just for posterity. If anyone besides me actually looks at this blog go ahead and move on. This trip was when all of the pieces finally starting coming together with Kaki and her mystery illness, terrible behavior and POOR appetite. What Miralax should have done and we thought it was doing, it was not. But after this not so pretty AT ALL episode we have been rocking and rolling. We were able to turn a corner and get our Kaki back and we are so very thankful that she's back, she's healthy and she's pooping (not without drama of course) in the potty!! Go, Kaki, Go!!!!

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KK said...

Definitely can't forget the cataclysmic event that trip. So glad she's on the right track again. Can't wait for our next adventures.