Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Piney Woods Christmas

One more Christmas post to go and then I can move on to the Cade-man's birthday... phew! I am knocking 'em out! (SLOWLY)

So... MY side of the family gathered in the great Piney Woods of Texas in the far off land of Nacogdoches for our Christmas celebrations this year which just so happened to take place over the New Year's weekend. KK and Albi are still in transition to Houston and well frankly they are homeless... so we crashed Uncle Josh and Aunt Emily's BEAUTIFUL new home! And by crashed... I mean it... we really left our mark... but more on that later! :)

Emily and Josh were the most gracious hosts and had everything ready to go for us when we arrived. They literally moved their furniture from room to room just so we would all have our very own comfy place to stay. And Cade-man even had his very own Thomas tent set up in his room... so needless to say, our trip to Nacogdoches started off with a BANG!

Aunt Emily truly went above and beyond in preparing for our arrival. She cooked a YUMMY Christmas meal, full of decadent savory sides that accompanied a gorgeous standing rib roast... it was a treat beyond all treats! She certainly spoiled us and we were grateful for all of the time and effort she put into our stay. Turns out a Christmas celebration in the Piney Woods is pretty spectacular! Thank you Emily!!

On Friday when we arrived, first thing was first... presents! This was my request, so that we could put as much time and space in between those presents and Caden's birthday presents as possible. It's hard having your birthday and Christmas mash right up together so I try to make it as separate while not letting either occasion lose its excitement... at least that is the goal! :)

Naturally, it was a true Evans Family Christmas, because I have VERY FEW pictures to show for it... BUT it was oh so fun... and you're just going to have to trust me on that one! :)

We did stockings first...

Kaki-Lou (YES, another nickname... I have a problem, I realize!) just bounced and bounced as we opened our presents... giving us a giggle or a snort when she approved of what she got! :)

And of course Griff-Dog had to get in on the action... he wanted some presents... are you checking out this house??!! Isn't it great?!

And the co-hosts for the weekend... KK and Albi... aren't they cute?!

KK and Albi certainly spoiled us yet again this year with lots of fun new things! I can assure you that we ALL had a very Merry Christmas!

AND part of the reason our Christmas was so Merry was my sweet Aunt Kay and Uncle Roger who had dropped off our gifts when passing through the Piney Woods the previous week... so not only did we have our normal gift stash but we had all of their generous gifts to look forward to too! THANK YOU Roger and Kay... we love everything... especially the nuts... Caden is a BIG fan, I have to hide them in our pantry!! :)

The next day the boys had a little golf outing while the girls did ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. and it was fabulous! Emily has totally fit right into our family with her love for the lounge too! Unlike Justin's side of the family who must shower and get ready and look cute EVERY SINGLE DAY (I am totally the odd ball who doesn't shower and get ready every day!!), us Evans' roll a little casual from time to time and our Saturday in Nac was certainly that...

And speaking of casual...

Caden's just casually picking his nose while traveling in the golf cart with Daddy!

Okay, so later in the afternoon the girls did put on a bit of makeup and got out of our PJs just long enough so we could go antiquing... it was New Year's Eve after all... we had to hit up the town in some way! And Emily took us to this fabulous place that I could have gone hunting around in FOREVER... we all found some GREAT things and KK and Albi treated us to those as well! :) Unfortunately, since we looked like the Clampetts when we left Nac we didn't have room to bring home my goods... but that just means we'll get back to Nac even sooner now for a visit! :) Watch out back porch... here I come!!

On Saturday evening we ordered in from one of my favorite local places in Nac... it was oh so yummy... then it was time to get ready for Caden's party the next day. I am thinking that NYE may have forever lost its magic, because I am always too concerned about having a full dose of energy for the next day since it is Caden's birthday... so it was quick to decorate and then early to bed for me... and for most of us... :)

Sunday, New Year's Day was Caden's third birthday... WHAT?!! And of course I have entire post dedicated to that. It was a magical day that I think he enjoyed so very much! It made me happy to see him so happy... my heart was certainly full at the end of that day... so excited and blessed to be celebrating my baby... who officially is not baby anymore... tear!

Alright... so let's skip to the end of our trip... as we are driving out of town... heading to Waco to celebrate Caden's birthday with the Cox side of the family... we see a State Trooper and I said you better watch your speed through here, there is a trooper back there... trooper pulls onto the road... lights come on... he passes car after car, pulls in just behind us... BUSTED!!!

And yes, we got a ticket... big meanie! He even knew Emily's family and told us this outrageous story about how he saved her Dad's life when he was choking on fish at the Rotary Club... still haven't confirmed if that story is true, but come on... give us visitors a break... I'm thinking it was because we were from the Austin-area... you know us liberals... we're not seen too well in the eyes of them Piney Woods East Texas troopers...

And the best part of the whole thing is that his name was Officer Riggins... as in Tim Riggins... as in Texas Forever!!

All we can do is laugh it off... and take defensive driving... and think LONG and hard about the law... and how we are never going to speed again... AND certainly not while in the city limits of Nac! Lesson learned! Thank you Officer Riggins!

And thank you Emily and Josh for a magical Christmas in the Piney Woods! Seriously, words cannot express how grateful we are to y'all opening up your home and even let us break it in a little... :) We love y'all!!

And KK and Albi... THANK YOU for being our generous co-hosts... we loved getting to spend time together as a family and are excited that you'll be the middle meeting ground for many more fun Evans family get-togethers! Hurray!!

Merry Christmas! For the last time in 2011 (even though technically it is 2012... shhhh!)


Emily and Josh said...

So glad we all got to be together and celebrate - it was too much fun! Love you so much!

KK said...

It was perfectly perfect in every way. Just very thankful we could make it happen and have the chance to spend such quality time together.