Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chuck E Cheese Please... It's My Birthday!

Well... we left off last post with a little pull-over from one of East Texas' finest state troopers... "On our way to Waco sir... to celebrate my son's birthday with my family..." not even that worked!

So we were off and ready to celebrate Chuck E Cheese style with the Cox fam in Waco. This was my VERY FIRST time to Chuck E Cheese... yes, I know, shock and awe... not sure how I made it this long without ever going but I had... but let me just say... I'm a believer! Especially the one in Waco... it was very clean and nice. I was impressed! And the pizza... it was pretty darn good!!

And I'm not really sure how this blog post ended up as a review for Chuck E Cheese... who in the world cares what I thought about it... Caden was the man of the moment and he LOVED every bit of the Chuckster and his cheese! Loved it!

He was winning tickets from the first game... he was ready and had his sights set on a BIG, HUGE Chuckie... a new bed friend... yay!!

And you better believe that Daddy would never let the Cade-man go home empty handed on his birthday... so he was doing some ticket winning of his own... balla... shot calla!!

A little ski ball... Uncle Tag had first played with Caden and when I told Justin to let him try it by himself, Uncle Tag said, "well... you might want to watch out because it will go about two lanes over and he'll try to throw it in the hole instead of roll it... " well sure enough... that is EXACTLY what happened!! :)

Uncle Tag and Caden were tearing it up playin' hoops!! :)

The girls...
Aunt Ree and Uncle Tag with the Chade...

We eventually had to take a break from the games to eat some pizza and cake and open presents... of course! :)

I love his faces... he is always so excited ... and he loved his new Elmo book!

BUT the Baylor Sweatshirt took the cake... LOVED it! He wants to wear it EVERY. DAY. He calls it his Baylor shirt with the hat... :) It's a hoodie! Ha! Thanks Ree Ree and Tag!

And then he opened his camera... a real working digital camera. He wasn't quite sure what it was at first BUT he LOVES it and has taken 100+ pictures... and those don't include the ones that I have already deleted... he is camera crazy! Some of the photos he has taken are priceless... he has a tendency to catch my most UNflattering angles... :/

Cake time... Sweet Nana and Bop had everything covered for our birthday party on the go, complete with a cake, ice cream, pizza, wings, drinks, TOKENS, TOKENS and MORE TOKENS!! And Ree and Tag supplied the awesome decor... Caden loved his Thomas balloon!!

The boy loves him some candles... or maybe it's the fire he loves...

Deep breath...
Don't spit on it... don't spit on it...

Let's DIG in... YUMMO!

Well... by the end of the party we had collected some SERIOUS tickets... but not quite enough for the MONSTER Chuck E that Caden had his eyes set on so Daddy did a little bargaining and bought the remaining tickets-worth so Caden could have his new friend... isn't he cute?!! Who knew a mouse could be so appealing!! And then I remember Mickey... and Minnie... and Fievel... so who am I??!! Mice are it!!

Family pics with Chuck E! My Nana/Bop the best party planners ever! What a fun party!!

Caden had the BEST birthday... TWO parties, LOTS of wonderful gifts and he saw ALL of his VERY FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!! He loves his family!! AND I think the best way to determine the success of ANY birthday is how you look at the end...

And I think this is one very content little man... clutching Chuck E for life! :)

Happy Birthday Chade-Man!!

Thank you Nana and Bop and Ree Ree and Tag for making Caden's birthday party such a success. Y'all are so sweet to be available to celebrate with us!! Thank you for doing everything!! We love y'all!!

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KK said...

Well that last picture says it all-well done everyone!!