Tuesday, January 10, 2012

B-A-Y-L-O-R, Baylor Bears Fight!

(I'm slowly ticking my way through all of my back log... I have put up SEVERAL posts lately, so be sure to go back to make sure you caught everything!)

Well, if this isn't the year of the Bears... can I get an amen?!

Typically, when we start any new football season off I hear Justin the eternal optimist when it comes to the Bears, say, "this is going to be our year!" But this year it was different. He didn't really say much and I think he secretly resigned himself to the fact that we were still building a program and might continue to "build" a program for the next 10 years... we are Baylor after all.

So the season started and things looked okay but nothing out of the ordinary. We won a game here and a game there and then another and another and another... and suddenly there was all this buzz about Baylor and a Heisman and RGIII was becoming a household name... and not just in Bear households... people everywhere were talking about Baylor (in the sports world, at least). Then it became a campaign... Baylor for Heisman! And RGIII for President... and Baylor is going to a bowl... AGAIN... and not the Cheez-it Crackers Smithson Insurance Bowl either... the ALAMO Bowl... WHAT?!!!

Oh wait... but did you hear before we went bowling we went trophying... and we got ourselves a Heisman... ask anyone... the Heisman did not go to RGIII it went to Baylor Nation! Haven't you heard the speech?! And all of that stuff about diamonds and iron and steel... and WHOO! I just get all fired up!

So with the trophy and the bowl... we had one more thing left to do... WIN! And we did... and in a stunning fashion... like with "YOTS of points" as Caden would say... YOTS Mommy!! We were not able to be at the game this year but we were certainly cheering loud and proud from home base... and by that I mean my bed... I know it's pathetic but it was SO late! I could barely keep my eyes open regardless of the significance of that moment as the cherry on top of a super sundae of a year! Super!

The impact that this year has had on Baylor Nation is huge, immeasurable in fact. I have always been proud of being a Bear, but I do find myself walking a little taller and maybe poofin' my chest out just a bit when I am flingin' my green and gold (or pink) around town. That's right, I'm a Bear... a Baylor Bear! Friends, family and countrymen have congratulated us as if we won the games, the Heisman and the Alamo Bowl ourselves... everyone (for the most part) has been proud of those Baylor Bears and it warms my heart!

In fact, over Christmas when we were on campus, I saw one of the new billboards... and it said something simple like Baylor University, Building Winners, Building Leaders... and I started to cry... it just touched me in such a tender place and gave me, a 7 year removed graduate, the hope that I was one of those leaders that billboard was talking about. Suddenly, I was inspired...

Lastly, I must end this post with a little "bit" I like to tell about my first encounter with RGIII... I was at my inlaw's house... the biggest Baylor fans you'll meet (besides Caden, of course) and we were watching a football game on the TV... this was a few years ago... during RGIII first season with the Bears. I was on facebook on my phone and I was scrolling through and saw a few people talking about RGIII... and I said, "Who is ARG-LE??" (like bagel, but ARG-LE...)

CRICKETS... death stares... the stoning would commence soon, I was sure of it.

After they called on the Holy Spirit for strength and patience they kindly explained to me that it was R-G-3 like roman numeral 3 not the letter "L" and I felt like a big Dumbo... BUT it stuck and I can't help but calm him ARG-LE... always and forever!

Sic 'em Bears!!

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KK said...

Haha!! Thanks for bringing the love back to the Baylor nation argle!