Thursday, January 12, 2012

Caden's SCHOOL Party

Okay... I know it seems like birthday overload... but I promise this is the last party post... BUT not the last "I'm THREE" post... so get ready! :)

While we were traveling over the break I remembered that I had told Caden's teacher that we would celebrate his birthday on the first day back to school after the holidays. I asked Caden what kind of cookies he wanted and he of course said Baylor cookies... GREAT! I was hoping he'd say Break n Bake Chocolate Chip cookies... :) but he didn't... okay, okay, okay!

So what is a Momma who is barely going to be in town 48 hours before school starts to do??!! Call her super talented and sweet friend Gina and ask her to do it! :) My friend Gina... her blog is on my blog roll to the left... is the BEST sweets maker ever... and I say sweets because she does it all... cakes... cookies... I am sure she could do just about anything anyone asked!

Not only do her things taste amazing... but they are always SUPER cute! So I had no doubt that should could whip up something cute for Caden BUT when she showed up at my house with these...

I was a bit overwhelmed... I mean seriously?! This is not cookies... this is a cookie bouquet... crazy, crazy cute!! Have you ever seen better Baylor cookies in your life? It was hard to keep Caden from rippin' in from the moment he saw them. We had many a tantrum over not getting a BU cookie RIGHT NOW!

So naturally Caden was stoked to take these works of art to school to share with all of his friends. He wore his new Baylor gear... head to toe and was proud of those cookies! And I was a bit proud too... and then a bit embarrassed of what the other moms would think of my OVER THE TOP cookies... I was afraid I might get a few comments and some eye rolls... I mean who brings cookies like THAT for her kid's school party???!!! NOT ME!! But my friend Gina does!! :) And I love her for it!!

Thank you for making Caden's party so special, Gina!! He was so very proud to show-off his Baylor cookies!! We love you and your talents!!

And that's it... the THIRD and FINAL birthday celebration of the Chade and his 3-ness! :)

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