Saturday, January 7, 2012

Next Up: Christmas Eve...

And I'm back with more...

Next up... Christmas Eve!

Oh but first, the pictures I left out of my last post... our Friday family date night! It was a wonderful evening out with our two beautiful kiddos! We went to one of our favorite places and checked out some Christmas lights on the way home! Of course, we got our two all dressed up since we def. had a place to GO! :) KK spoiled us with super cute matching outfits from one of my very favorite places... Hanna Andersson... and of course I would NEVER think any differently... BUT I think they are pretty darn dapper in their black and white! :)

Could you just die over those stockings?! LOVE them! I want a pair too! :) So the VERY FIRST picture I took that night was the WINNER! After that it was a pouty toddler and an ever compliant Kaki! :)

PLEASE can we go???!!!

UGH!!! I am so over it!

Now I am really OVER it... and trying to be as DRAMATIC as I can about it... Lord, that child!!

Okay, now we are back to Christmas Eve...

We went to church that afternoon so we could come home and be ready for a yummy dinner and presents!! We do all of our family presents on Christmas Eve and then just do Santa on Christmas Day!

I have to make note of Kaki's first "date"... at church that afternoon some of our friends sat next to us and their little boy who is one of the CUTEST little boys you'll ever meet was totally in love with Kaki. He was sitting on his Mommy's lap and Kaki on mine and he was smiling at her and grabbing her hand and patting her head... and Kaki of course was ALL about the attention... especially since he was a handsome boy... have I told y'all what a flirt she is?! Oh my goodness... it is hilarious!! She loves boys, men and the like! :) Anyway... I wish I had had a camera to capture the sweetness between those two... it was like love at first sight and of course the Mommies were melting under the sweetness! Mr. G and Kaki might just have a story to share some day... who cares if he is nearly 4 years older! :) Go Kaki-girl go!

We didn't get too many pictures... with the man-on-man defense we're playing these days that doesn't leave much room for a photographer but we try! :)

Sweet Kaki... just hangin' so patiently!

We were cold and wet after church so we all changed into our festive jammies... like my flannel gown??!! LL Bean circa 2001... thanks, Albi! :)

Look... I got JEANS!! Sweet Caden was so excited about everything!

After dinner we made some super fancy break n bake cookies for Santa and of course left him a Sprite... traditionally, we leave a coke... at least that is what I always did when I was growing up... BUT, Caden yet again proves he beats to his OWN drum and insisted on Sprite... it was our last one too... so you know that the kid loves Santa if he was willing to give up his last Sprite!! And turns out Santa likes Sprite too especially when it is used as a mixer! Wait? What?!!! :)

Just before bed we stepped out in the rain to place the reindeer food in the front yard... those poor reindeer have got to be famished by the time they get to the Rock!!

Although, as it turns out I think they must have had a big meal at the neighbors because that reindeer food is STILL in our yard! :)

One of my favorite things we have done each year as a family is read the Christmas story before bedtime. This year we got an extra special treat from my Gram who recorded The Night Before Christmas in one of those Hallmark books. And let me tell y'all... she missed her calling as a story teller because it was fantastic and brought tears to my eyes listening to MY Grandmother read MY children such a treasured poem! Thank you Gram... it is a treasure of a gift!

Okay... another down... more to come!! :)

Whoo hoo!!

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KK said...

Love those cute kids in their super cute outfits. Even if one of them is just a bit dramatic. Love those expressions.