Thursday, January 12, 2012

Caden's Three: An Interview

Well, I hardly know what to say about my lil' man being three! Our first love... in the last three years he has taught Justin and I a lot about a lot... and a little about a lot too! :) Let's be real... parenting is a growth experience unlike any other. It's a marathon, a roller coaster and a peaceful drive down a country back road, all rolled into one. To say that I have liked every minute of it would be a complete lie... there are plenty of moments that I would rather just pass on by, but then when I take a step back I remind myself that this is only a snip-it... a tiny season... a brief glimmer of time that will soon pass and tomorrow, next week, next year... those tough moments will be just another memory... and perhaps even one that I don't remember all that well... and then there is not much that I can't swallow... (at least without a nice glass of wine at the end of the day!!)

Caden is a bundle of energy and ball of fire. He is stubborn and hard-headed, but also sweet and tender. He is loud and often hilarious, but prefers quiet and order to chaos and confusion. He tends to be shy but warms up quickly. He is loyal and true to those he loves most especially his family. He is a protective big brother believing that only certain people should have the privilege of knowing, touching, talking or even looking at Kaki. He is her best friend and he'll tell you that too. He likes to teach her how to use all of her toys, but does seem to have a bit of trouble when she is showing him how to use his toys... go figure. He is obsessed with all things Baylor, especially RGIII and the Baylor Band. He loves to sing and dance, but I am afraid he did pick up a serious case of the "white boy." He talks, and talks and talks and talks. When he wakes up in the morning he knocks on his door, alerting us that he is up and from that moment on he NEVER shuts up... I mean stops talking! :) He is constantly asking questions and is always interested in what we are doing next... and will often ask the same questions over and over again until he has achieved the appropriate level of frustration from his Daddy and I! :) He is a button pusher and he is SUPER smart about how and when he chooses to do it. He has beat us at our own game several times which has continued to assure us that we HAVE to run our house as a dictatorship and not a democracy... the American way is not the Cox way... as much as we wish it were. I will be the first to admit that I fail miserably at this at times and when pushed to the edge I am reminded why I must be a dictator and am always encouraged that in just a few minutes after taking a more authoritative role things seem to go smoothly... and we are back to some semblance of balance again. BUT this is certainly not my strength and one that I have to work on daily. It's important to teach him obedience... and I know that! Caden is learning to pray for himself... it is the sweetest thing as I lead him through his prayer. I never quite know what he is going to say, but I am blessed each time I hear him talking to God because I know God is listening. Oh, my sweet boy, while a handful at times, I wouldn't trade him or his enthusiasm for life for anything else in this world. He has a piece of my heart that no one else can take... it's all his! I love you Cade-man! Happy three years!!

Last year, I started doing birthday interviews with Caden... I think they will be such a treasure to have as they provide such a unique snapshot of his little personality. Of course the interview is a bit rough in places, but I wanted it to be as authentic Caden as possible and that it certainly is... It's 10 minutes long, so only the faithful should attempt to watch it from start to finish!!



Cori said...

So cute! Love his sweet personality and that he did the pledge of allegiance to the Baylor flag!!

Melissa said...

That video is awesome! My favorite part was the funny! (And impressive!) Can't believe he is 3!

Emily Lacy said...

i can't take how cute he is. the pledge had me dying laughing. you are such an awesome mom Katie. Love this idea. Y'all will treasure these forever!