Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Quarter to Go...

I cannot believe that Caden has only a few more months to go before he turns the BIG TWO! That just doesn't seem possible. 21 Months! Wow! As Uncle Josh would say... that's legit!

Friday was Caden's official 21 Month Birthday but we were road trippin' it to Horseshoe Bay for the weekend so we didn't get our traditional monthly photo shoot AND I'm a few days late in getting my thoughts on this last 21 months up on the blog! Of course I don't really have to summarize the last 21 months, but merely the last month and we've had an eventful one...

First surgery...

First day of school...

First of what I fear to be many allergy medicines prescribed...

He's grown what seems to be another 5 inches, but I don't think it's much more than 1/2 inch in reality. He seems to be counter-grazing with much more ease and opening things I never thought possible. His 33.5'' stretches into at least 3 feet when he raises up on those toes! The other day we bought him a size 7.5 shoe... oh my goodness how he's grown! He is still weighing in at 30 pounds... He's a solid boy we like to say! :) His poor little body is a little unproportionate. He fits best in 18-24 month bottoms but needs a 3T to for the top. If he could just shift a bit of his belly to his bootie he'd be in business!! He and his Daddy are quite the pair. I am already seeing the JEAN drama I'll have before me... jean shopping with Justin is worse than ANY girl!! And now I have another odd body boy to try to fit!

Caden is STILL a sweet, tender-hearted boy with a spirit for adventure. He LOVES playing and is always on the go. He prefers being outside over anything else... especially if he is near water, his doggies or any type of slide! He is a chatterbox... always having something to say but so much of his chatter is still Caden-babble with a few of his favorite real words sprinkled in... my favorite new word of his is "Thank You!" It sounds like "tink q" SO CUTE and melts my heart when he says it. He has even said it without prompting a few times and at the right time... talk about making a Mommy proud!! I love a boy with good manners!!

Caden is a friend to everyone and is always up for a conversation... he says "HI" to everyone he passes and follows up his greeting with a chubby-handed wave! Doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, or where you're coming from... Caden wants to be your friend! I pray that this is something that sticks with him for the long haul... such an important thing to be a friend to all!

On the food front Caden is still a good eater but is becoming increasingly picky about his meat options... UNLESS of course it means he gets to use ketchup! He's a condiment guy for sure. Syrup, ketchup, guacamole, queso, hot sauce... YES and YES! He loves it all!

Caden is VERY aware of his surroundings... always taking "role" to be sure everyone is accounted for. He points around the table or car and says Mama, Dada, Nana, Doggies... etc. So funny!

Chadeorade is one of the sweetest things around as far as I'm concerned! He is a fun-lovin' outdoorsman with a soft spot for his family and friends (and doggies too!). He entertains us so well that it is hard to remember how we got our daily laughs before he came along! We love him more than we can stand and ALWAYS end our day talking about how much we adore our little stinker as we lay in bed at night!

Thank the good Lord for this sweet gift of parenthood! 21 months down and prayerfully many more to go!

We love you Cade-man!

Below are a few pics I took last week. First few are of Caden and KK at the park when KK came to play for the day. The pool pics are on his actual 21 Month Birthday at Horeshore Bay... but more on that later!!

THIS SLIDE IS SOOOOO FUN! I went down it at least four times myself... I couldn't get enough and Caden just giggled the ENTIRE way down!! Haha!

The boy LOVES the water... been almost a month since he's been swimming! Bout time, huh?!

Caden found this particular fountain especially tranquil... he stood there FOREVER and let the water beat on his little pot-belly!! :)

Ahhhhh... it feels so good! :)

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Steph Meyer said...

what a sweet post! the little man (big man!) is so lucky to have these memories written down! you're such a great mama, katie!
p.s. um, dylan wears a size 7.5 shoe. the chade is serious about growing, isn't he!