Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Trip to the Big D Part II: BU VS. TECH

Don't miss Part I of Caden's First Trip to the Big D!!

And I'm back... with Part II of our exciting trip to Dallas. All but one of these pics is courtesy of our other family photographer Aunt Ree Ree. Thanks Aunt Ree Ree for your help capturing the fun from our weekend road trip!

On Saturday morning, we headed out nice and early knowing that we would have a long line of cars awaiting us as we approached the Cotton Bowl... and we were right! About an hour later we finally got into the parking lot and then hopped a tram to the Fair. The rides had just opened when we arrived and I bet you'd be shocked to know that that is EXACTLY where we headed first!

Caden had some ridin' to do AND we were hoping that all of the activity would help him be ready to sit and watch the Bears take on the Red Raiders... tiring him out a bit was our goal!

More "o" face for you... so exciting... those motorcycles!!

And the cars again with Daddy as the passenger... :)

While the boys were riding we took a little time to get in a few photos... Aunt Ree Ree and Me! :)

And the girls... in our green and gold... looking very fresh-faced at the start of our day! Luckily we don't have any after pics! Ha! :)

After a few rides and LOTS of familiar faces and a few sweet visits with long lost college friends we headed into the stadium and took our seats! It was GAME time! And TEST time for the Chade... how would he do at his first football game of the season?!

Family pic with a "gun" in the background!! :)

And the Chade... CHEERING, CLAPPING, SHOUTING "GO", SIC 'EM'ING, THROWING HIS HANDS UP... SHOUTING "BA-BALL"... He was pumped up to be watching the game! He was having SO much fun and we were SHOCKED... absolutely shocked with how intent he was on watching the game. If Justin tried to sit him on the bench he was like NO WAY JOSE... I want back up in your lap or in your arms where I can see. He stood on Justin's lap or was held up in Justin's arms nearly the ENTIRE game... and yes you read that right... ENTIRE game! He made it! Crazy!
We did have to retire to the lower decks at half time for some shade... it was HOT, but there was plenty of room down below and after a quick fair break at half time to change a diaper and get some lunch he was ready to go. We did have to give in and give him his paci during the 4th quarter, BUT that was all he needed to push through a bit longer! AND amazingly he was still very happy and energetic by the end, just a bit squirmy! We are very proud of our lil football fan to say the least. It gives us an entirely different outlook on sporting events now... much to Justin's pleasure of course! :)

To say we were BUMMED about the Bears wouldn't quite do our feelings justice, BUT the best part about the Cotton Bowl is... after you lose a heartbreaker of a game you get to step outside into FRIED FOOD BLISS! The Corny Dogs almost covered over a multitude of sadness, but what they didn't get Caden did... he did one more ride to close out the weekend... this time with Aunt Ree Ree! And of course he chose the hot air ba-boons again!
AND we happened to bump into my college roomie Shelly and her sweet lil man Will!! It was SUCH an unexpected surprise! I was thrilled to see them! I hadn't seen Shelly since her wedding... YIKES! Too long, too long! Shellinda- it was SO good to see you! Will is precious! Love y'all!!

Aunt Ree and Caden at the ba-boons...

After the Caden's last round-about on the ba-boons we headed out and caught the tram, waving goodbye to Big Tex and goodbye to a GREAT two days at the fair!!

Back at the hotel we ordered pizza and watched another one of our teams lose on TV... tough sports weekend in the Cox House... REAL tough! This morning before we all headed our separate ways we had a YUMMY breakfast at Bread Winners... I had never been there before but have heard so many good things and it DEFINITELY lived up to its hype, at least in my book! So good!

What a FUN FUN FUN weekend in Dallas! Thanks Nana and Paps for spoiling us YET again! Despite our losing teams, we had a GREAT weekend with y'all! Can't wait for Homecoming in a few weeks!! We love y'all!
And that concludes Part II of a two part series on Caden's First Trip to the Big D! On behalf of those of us at Sunny Side Up, thank you for reading! :)


Cori said...

So many fun memories! Glad Caden did so well at the football game! It was so much fun watching him cheer and clap! Love y'all!

CaseyWiegand said...

you are a beautiful mama!

Melissa said...

what a fun weekend!! the fair looks like a blast! way to go caden for making it the entire game...i know justin was thrilled! you looked so cute for the your "baylor" shirt!

Bread Winners said...

Thank you for making us a part of your super fun weekend! We appreciate the nice shout out!

the G Rowes said...

WAY to go Caden for being the #1 Baylor trooper during the game! He is a boy for sure! He looks so cute on the rides, I can imagine his happy "oooh's" too adorable!