Sunday, October 17, 2010

Claw, Antlers, Bears, Cowboys and Punkins

A weekend at home... finally! Phew! And it couldn't have come at a better time... we were all ready to hang out around this house this weekend! It was a much needed break from our fall hustle and bustle!

We didn't do too much of anything, but there are a few things to note... we watched some baseball Friday night (eek) and then again on Saturday (yay!), we got to have dinner with one of my greatest friends from college, Meli P on Saturday and we finished the night on game tracker keepin' up with our Bears! Today was church, r&r, Cowboys (boo!) and playing outside... CAN'T BEAT IT! It was a GREAT family weekend!!

Here are few highlights from our weekend at home...

Claw and Antlers!! Go Rangers!! My boys proudly sported their Ranger gear to dinner on Saturday night... what a handsome fan club they make! :)

And Caden has been SO inspired by the Rangers that he has really been practicing his skills! It is hilarious to watch him scurry around and pick up his ball after he hits it and set it back on the tee... funny story... when we tell Caden, "hurry, get your ball and set it back up on the tee..." he puts the ball in his mouth... teeth and tee sound too close... so we have reverted to calling the "tee" the "stand," and this has seemed to clear up the confusion. Ha! We were laughing at the thought of him playing tball as an elementary kid and still putting the ball in his TEEth before putting it on the TEE. Silly boy!

The next set of pictures were taken before church this morning. KK bought Caden this super sweet Fall Jon Jon several months ago and today was our first of MANY days to wear it! He looked SUPER cute! Oh and KK informed me that the brown socks were NOT okay with the brown shoes, so I apologize for not having white socks on the Chade... he's outgrown all of his nice white socks... I'm going to pick up some this week though... don't you worry! :)

Caden was definitely more concerned about his precious punkins than the camera... BUT I tried... thus is the plight of capturing the sweet smiles of a toddler! :)
Last but certainly not least is another shot of our lil David Murphy smacking another homer! :) Notice the red socks... they are part of Caden's Halloween costume that we tried on today... he did not want to take them off... too funny! AND a video of Caden's kisses... he's been "kissing" forever, but it was always pushing his cheek to our lips... HE HAS FINALLY gotten the concept of putting his lips to whatever it is he is kissing and then adds a HUGE MMMMWAH for impact! :) So sweet... we LOVE getting REAL kisses from our lil man!!

Happy weekend everyone! MMMMMMWAHHHH from the Coxes! :)


KK said...

Love the videos! Such a boy with his bat and ball and yet such a sweetie with his kisses and punkins. Mwah to you guys too!

Melissa said...

Those videos are great! Love the red socks he is wearing...that is too funny! Loved seeing y'all this weekend...miss you guys!

Cori said...

What a cutie! Can't wait to get a kiss from him this weekend!