Sunday, October 3, 2010

We Spent A Day Out With Thomas

If you read the previous post you know that we road tripped to Horseshoe Bay for the weekend courtesy of KK and Albi, BUT what you don't know (yet) (but I'm about to tell you... so get excited) is that we ALSO got to spend a day with Thomas... as in Thomas the Train!!!

I know SO exciting! To be honest Caden hasn't shown ANY interest in Thomas. I have tried several times to check out DVDs and books from the library to peek his interest, but I have had ZERO luck. I was a little bummed about his lack of enthusiasm for Thomas because I REALLY wanted him to be able to appreciate seeing Thomas this weekend. Knowing Caden or any kid for that matter though, I figured that once we got there and he saw Thomas the Train and got to take a ride that he'd FALL IN LOVE and then have a healthy appreciation for everyone's favorite steam engine! :)

And he did...

He loved it...

And even watched a Thomas video on the way home from Horseshoe Bay today... well at least for the 5 minutes he was actually awake... we WORE the poor boy out this weekend! So much playing... but again... more on that later.

Now we must talk Thomas!

We got up bright and early Saturday morning and headed to Bluebonnet Cafe with the crew. Aunt Ermie and Uncle Josh decided that they wanted to brave the early morning too and catch a YUMMY breakfast with the rest of us before we headed off to see Thomas. Shockingly, Aunt Ermie and Uncle Josh told KK that they weren't really interested in seeing Thomas when she was buying the tickets a few months ago... I can't imagine why they would rather stay at the hotel?! Thomas is the coolest...

To be fair... not even Caden knew the coolness of Thomas until we got there...

All I can say is that Thomas must be a REAL special dude to get Caden to wear a hat for longer than 10 seconds... in fact he wore it nearly the entire time we were there! Hilarious! KK and Albi hooked Caden up with all of the finest Thomas gear so he was ready to ride the train! He had his hat... his train whistle and his Thomas the Train lanyard! Choo choo!! Here we come!

A pic before we walked over to the festivities! Poor Chade has his eyes closed... a family trait no doubt! :)

BIG boy with a floppy ear... headin' to meet Thomas!

The dudes...

Not long after we got there it was time to get in line for the train ride... it was crazy how many people were there to meet Thomas and his friends. It was SO fun to see all of the little kids with all of their Thomas gear on, SUPER excited about the day. And the parents too... we were all like little 5 year olds waiting for the train!

There he comes... Thomas... it's really him!

And because I know that I have given you PLENTY of posts worthy of your judgement and I didn't fair any worse because of it, I'm going to tell you that I did in fact TEAR UP when I saw Thomas coming down the tracks! I can't exactly explain why it was emotional but it was ... the excitement of it all was just a little much for me and I had to let out my joy in the form of a few tears... it's Thomas!! Look at that bright blue smiling face... how can you not be overwhelmed with happy after seeing that?!

He's here!! ALL ABOARD!!

Here we go... tickets in hand...

Our seats...

Look at that sweet boy...

From outside the train... courtesy of Daddy! :)

Hey KK! Hey Caden!!

Caden chilled with KK and Albi during the ride! And he had a great time... YET AGAIN... our theory about boats (being the ONLY place Caden ever sits still) applies to trains too! He was SO relaxed we thought he might fall asleep and miss the whole ride!

We had to do something to pass the time... KK and Albi had our normal source of entertainment... :)

SO relaxed... lazy day on the train...

After the ride we each got the chance to take our photo with Thomas!! YAY!! :)

Then we had the opportunity to take part in all of the other Thomas the Train activities... like the TATTOO stand... Caden got himself a fancy tattoo of Thomas! The tattoo also had balloons on it so he pointed to it all weekend and said "ba-boons" He was very proud!!

Of course we had to take a picture of the Emily train for Aunt Ermie...

Look guys... another train!

Caden kept signing "more" after the train ride... he was NOT done!

What a FUN FUN FUN day with Thomas!! Thanks KK and Albi... we hope Thomas comes to visit Central Texas again next year!! By then we'll all probably know WAY more about Thomas and his friends than we EVER thought possible!

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Steph Meyer said...

look how long your hair is! i love it!

i can't even imagine how excited caden was to see thomas. dylan would be so overwhelmed with happiness that I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be able to speak.

so fun, these boys!