Friday, October 15, 2010

A Punkin Huntin' We Will Go

We went punkin' huntin' today... with KK! It was a Friday Fun Day mini road trip out to the Elgin Pumpkin Patch. KK drove in from San Antonio this morning and pulled into the parking lot just after we arrived... it was perfect timing for a perfectly perfect day to punkin' hunt!

As we were driving out there this morning I was thinking about my little punkin-faced man at the pumpkin patch last year! Sure, he is BIGGER and WISER and OLDER obviously...but that sweet little smile is still lighting up the world around him all the same!

When we first arrived at the Pumpkin Patch we decided to go in the opposite direction from the TONS of school buses that were unloading for the day... no offense to them of course, BUT we kind of like our space to roam... AND ride...

A bike ride...Caden loved taking his turn on all of the OLD OLD OLD tricycles that were out on the lawn!

And he even asked (suckered) KK into pulling him along... giddy-up girl!!

Next up was YET another tricycle ride... the tractor kind of tricycle ride... complete with bales and bales of hay! Caden loved the hay ride... a first for him and maybe even for me if you can believe that! :) Of course, KK said that Albi was concerned for us to ride the hay ride because of all of the mold spores that live in hay and then it became ABSOLUTELY clear why I had never ridden a hay ride before today! Sweet 'ol Albi, always playing Doctor Dad! :)

KK and Caden!!

The hay ride made a few stops along the way and one of them was at a VERY cool playground with lots of other activities for the kiddos to enjoy... Caden went straight for the slide of course! He bounded up the ladder (making KK a bit nervous I think!! ).

And then on to the next level he went...

He decided that he needed a bit of a thrill and decided to go down the slide on his belly, feet first... and BOY did he come spiraling down with some serious speed! It was hilarious! He was all smiles at the bottom, BUT he didn't choose to do it again... I think the speed was a bit intense for him! :) Ha!
So he decided to slow things down a bit with a nice, long boat ride...

He was the lucky passenger to a very good driver (an older boy) who was LOVING the boat... and was animating the ride very well as most boys tend to do... VROOOOMMMMM!

Then Caden got a turn to drive... beep, beep!

Then Caden took on KK in a little game of bean bag toss... BUT Caden had a hard time with the whole get the bean bag in the hole concept and preferred just to THROW the bean bags around... it was pretty funny! KK said he was too much like his Daddy... just wanting to show-off his studly arm! :) Haha!

And then we came to the perfect little punkin picture spot and this was the best we could do... rubbin' the eyes already... sweet, sleepy boy! :)

BUT we still had some serious PUNKIN HUNTIN' to do...

They weren't too hard to find... luckily!

After we rounded up some Chade-sized punkins Caden decided we needed to head "ober der"

And so we did...
What's ober der you ask?? The SWINGS, of course!!

After some SERIOUS swinging we went and hunted a punkin for Caden to decorate... and let me just say... it is the PRETTIEST darn punkin I've ever seen... truthfully!

Caden's pretty proud of it...

Our last stop of the morning was at the CRAZY MAZE! KK and I were a little worried that we wouldn't be able to find our way out, BUT Caden assured us that his "ober der" skills were excellent and he would lead the way... okay Caden, whatever you say!

Now which way??? Ober der...

Well he did it... he was right on! Caden got us through the CRAZY MAZE! :)

After the punkin hunt we headed down HWY 290 to the 290 Cafe... it was our first time to visit this infamous homecookin' joint and it was GOOD! Really good!
Once our bellies were full up on some goodies we parted ways with KK and headed back to the ROCK where Caden is sound asleep dreaming about his adventure at the punkin' patch, no doubt!
Thanks for coming all the way to Elgin to spend the morning with us KK! It sure was fun to punkin' hunt together! We love you!!


KK said...

Glad I got to punkin hunt with you two and sure glad we didn't get lost in the maze! :)

Cori said...

Looks like so much fun! I can't believe how much he has changed from the pic last year! He's such a cute lil punkin! :)