Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Weekend Away

So now... if you've read the previous posts... you KNOW good and well that we went to Horseshoe Bay this weekend... yes, yes we did! It was a little mini-vacation courtesy of KK and Albi with a bit of a two-fold purpose. 1. We were already heading out there to visit Thomas and 2. it was our last little trip before Uncle Josh and Aunt Ermie head East to Nacogdoches. We had a SUPER fun and relaxing time at the pool, on the miniature golf course and of course just lounging around the condo! The weather was PERFECT and we ALL decided that summer vacations are WAY overrated... the Fall weather is way too good to pass up!

Caden spent the majority his time in the pool... it was a GREAT pool for kids and he had a super fun time... he was pretty much King of the Pool!! :)

Saturday afternoon after our morning with Thomas the big boys headed off to play golf... duh! :) Uncle Josh was not wanting me to capture his handsome face on photo, BUT after posting this picture maybe next time he will!! Play nice or be blogged! :) It's a nice looking hand though, don't you think?!

KK insisted I get a pic of the boys... they were really excited about it too... :)

While the boys golfed, the girls and Caden did the pool thing... then Caden and I did the nap thing and then we all did the dinner thing! And believe it or not...after dinner we went back to the pool again... to do the pool thing! :)

This morning after breakfast the weather was beyond WONDERFUL but maybe a tad too chilly for the pool so we played a family game of miniature golf! The big kids played on Friday night while KK and Albi chilled in the condo and we had a bit of rematching to do. And THIS time was even more fun because EVERYONE got to play! Caden had a great time carrying around his Caden-sized putter and watching all of us play. He even got to hit a few "real" shots with Uncle Josh's help! Otherwise he was more interested in drinking out of the water fountains, throwing the ball in the trash cans and climbing on the various rocks, sand traps, etc. He was in heaven! :)

And of course he wanted KK to "hold you"... he knows that KK can hardly ever pass up an opportunity to Hold YOU... and he takes full advantage... although I do believe it comes at a price for poor KK... he's a heavy dude!

After golf we had all worked up quite a sweat and needed a little pool time to cool off. Again... GREAT weather... great pool time and a yummy lunch pool side sent us all home rested, relaxed and even a bit sun-kissed!

It was a SPECTACULAR weekend away with family! Thank you KK and Albi for such a sweet and special treat! WE are READY to take on the week after a weekend like that! Thanks for all you do for us! We love you!!

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