Monday, September 27, 2010

OMG, We're 3 and 0!!

This weekend was HUGE at the Cox house! HUGE, I tell you! It was the prefect tri-fecta of sports excitement jam-packed into TWO glorious days! And for us... those TWO glorious days were spent in Houston... in the equally as glorious home of Aunt Ree and Uncle Tag. If a picture could sum up our weekend, I'd have to pick the following...
It's the 3 and 0 face!! His face is priceless! Actually ALL of his faces are priceless in my book, but this one even a perfect stranger would agree to be quite a look! Caden is the type of kid who uses people, mainly family members for their phones! iPhones, BlackBerries and even Albi and Nana's cool red flip phones... you name it he loves them! SO when we get together with family especially the Cox side of the family we play a few "phone tricks" on the lil man! He'll be ho-hummin' along with the phone of the minute in his hand and then one of the others of us with an unsuspecting phone will call the phone of the minute and make it ring... hence getting the most thrilling rise out of Caden!

It's ringing! OMG!! Somebody help!! I'm being called!! Someone's finally CALLING ME!!

Poor kid... he really does need to get out more!

In between all of the phone hysteria and I say hysteria simply because we the game is HYSTERICAL... we do what normal families do when they get together... EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY, of course!

Upon arrival to Houston on Saturday, Cori and Trent had a GREAT burger/hot dog feast for us to kickoff the weekend. We finished up just in time for the Ranger game which made for our FIRST EXCITING victory of the 3-0 weekend... GO RANGERS!!!

While watching Rangers, Aunt Ree Ree put Caden to work! He did some serious sweeping and in fact she said he did such a lovely job that she might have to consider firing her current help, Myrna! Chade's got a bright future ahead of him at my house too... I'm definitely ready to hire!

One of the BEST parts about our weekend was getting to celebrate Nana's birthday! We surprised her with a YUMMY cake that we successfully devoured over the course of the weekend (Saturday!) and a new set of Fiestaware!! YAY!! :) It was so nice to ALL be together to wish her an EXTRA-happy and super special birthday! WE love you Nana!!

Of course Nana had to really work for her cake this weekend with Caden constantly following her saying, "Nana, Nana, Nana!" "Nana?" And even yelling to get her attention sometimes... "NANA!!!" Poor Nana... she was definitely queen in Caden's eyes this weekend which does come at a price! :) But I'm pretty sure she didn't mind the price at all!
Saturday evening everyone went to the Baylor/Rice game except for the Chade and I! We were glad to stay home in the A/C and watch videos on Aunt Ree and Uncle Tag's big TV! I snagged a few pics from Aunt Ree (actually to be truthful ALL of these pics are from Aunt Ree... Mommy was off camera duty for the weekend) of the game...

Not too long after the game got started it was delayed due to lightening... BUT don't you worry the Baylor Band gave an impromptu pep rally under the stadium!! They were apparently making lemonade out of lemons... well done BU!!

BU WON which leaves us at 2 of the 3-0 victory weekend...
After a VERY late night on Saturday we all took it easy on Sunday morning before the TWO bro-in-laws headed to the Cowboys/Texans game. Caden and I hung out with Nana, Paps and Aunt Ree and did some park time, some lunchin' and then come cupcakin' ... it was fabulous!
And despite how hard Uncle Tag cheered for his Texans the Cowboys came out on top... and that ladies and gentlemen will conclude our last victory of the 3-0 weekend... THREE AND ZERO!! 3 AND 0!!
Once Caden woke up from his nap we HIT the road and traveled back to the Rock!! Caden and Uncle Tag did some last minute bonding just before we left...

It was a GREAT weekend of wins and an even better weekend with family! We are excited to get to do it all over again in a few weeks when we all head to Dallas for the Baylor/Tech game!
Thanks Aunt Ree Ree and Uncle Tag for a FABULOUS weekend! We love y'all!!


Cori said...

Such a fun weekend! Miss y'all already! Thanks for coming to see us!

Melissa said...

So glad you guys had a fun family weekend! I LOVE the picture of Caden at the beginning of the post with his mouth open...too cute!