Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 20 Months Sweet Boy!!

Caden is 20 Months old today!! Yah, I know it seems like I just posted his 19-month post ... time flies! I'm not going to labor over a REALLY long and sappy post today... I just can't! It's been one of those days when I have cried ALL day long and I'm over it!! Really! :) It's happy tears, sad tears, scared tears... all into one day!! As Amanda Jones of Baby Bangs said the other day... I've been EMOTING!! :) And I do it SO well... my poor Mom! God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave me to her and her to me... she's wonderful always... but on my EMOTING days she is essential! :) Love you KK!!

Okay so BIG developments this month include a new word... MA-MA!!! FINALLY!!! And he says it all cute like a little Italian... Ma-Maaaaa... he drags the last part out... SO funny! It melts my heart when he says it... I am loving being Ma-Ma instead of a grunt and a point! So refreshing to have a name!:)

He also popped out another tooth just a few days ago... bringing us to 13! Phew! He's got a mouth full of crooked teeth... takes after me in that regard I'm afraid... Braces here we come! I better start saving!! EEK! :)

He is still LOVING Sesame Street and has taking a HUGE liking to and the games and videos they have for him to play and watch! He is doing even better in the pool still swimming like a big boy all by himself with his floaties. His favorite new pool trick is lying on his back... he gets so tickled when he does it. He is also eating with a fork!! He is doing so well! He isn't too good with his spoon still but the stab and eat thing that the fork requires is a good fit for him. He is really talking a lot these days... so many new words are popping up all the time. Too many to remember them all, but I know one thing... I love hearing them!! :) Music to my ears! I can't wait to hear his progress after he gets his tubes on Friday!! (And I'm not really wanting to talk too much about that right now... it's best for my tear ducts! I'll keep y'all posted though... for now I'm just going to rest in God's will... and pray that he helps me find strength and Caden bravery and the doctors/nurses wisdom!)

Okay... on to the better stuff!! :) Today we went to a new spot to snap a few pics... of course he NEVER stopped so I couldn't get many face shots, but I did my best!! Enjoy!!

Happy 20 Months my sweet lil' man! I love you to the MOON AND BACK and back again, and again and again and AGAIN! And then again... :)


KK said...

They may not be "posed" pictures but each picture is soooooo him! Love each little face he makes. And I love his mamaaaaa too!!

Melissa said...

Happy 20 months Caden!!! He's getting soo big!!