Tuesday, September 21, 2010

C's First Day of School: A Poem

Today was Caden's first day of school.
I didn't think I would cry, boy am I a fool!
We woke up bright and early to be sure we'd have time.
To not get a few videos and pictures would surely be a crime.

While still in his crib, I interviewed the Chade,
And asked him if he was excited about this new decision we made.
He didn't seem too thrilled until I mentioned the nap mat.
We have no idea how he learned to use a thing like that.

We the anticipation of nap time building by the minute,
I knew we had started this day ready to win it.
Breakfast was good and his lunch was ready made.
And by this I mean I packed all sorts of goodies for my sweet Chade.

After we got dressed in our new duds we had some posing to do.
We tried outside first but the grass was super wet with dew.
Inside we ran and pulled our trusty rocking chair out,
It's the only place Caden will sit still and not wiggle all about.

He wore his new shirt, his name all done up in white.
We knew it'd sure help his teacher and her helpers, alright!
When we pulled into the parking lot he was looking pretty brave,
But by the time we got to his classroom things were a bit grave.

Caden started to cry, shake his head and say "no!"
As a stood there and held him, we proceeded to put on quite a show.
My tears didn't turn into snot until I left the classroom,
But the embarrassment I felt was already sprouting into full bloom.

"He'll be fine," they said and I knew this was true.
"Then get out of here ma'am, you MUST have things to do!"
Not really, I thought, but then again I knew it was time.
The calendar note on my iPhone was about to chime.

To the doctor I went and then to the streets for a workout,
I even got some antiquing done and a took shower before heading back out.
I was anxious to see Caden and hear about his day,
And proud that I had not called once to check on him today.

When I got to his room he was running wild and willy.
It took Mrs. Rissa to grab his attention, "Get over here you silly!"
He finally realized I was there and he came running on over.
I could live those sweet two seconds again, over and over.

We hugged and we laughed and Mrs. Rissa told me about his day.
He did great and had fun and even got a nap, HOORAY!
All his projects and progress reports I intend to save forever,
To hide them from my hubby, the trash monster, I'll have to be extra clever.

Surviving the first day of school deserved a trip to Sonic Happy Hour,
A Sprite and a few french fries he surely did devour.
As he ate I made my best attempt to learn more about his day,
But darned if he wouldn't look at me and kept turning away.

This afternoon Caden was tired and unusually chill.
He had lots to process after today, after all it was a big deal!
We are thankful and excited that God found Caden this special spot,
A great place and a wonderful teacher, surely we've got!

Happy First Day of School Buddy!


KK said...

Oh that was hilarious!! I think he loves him some french fries. And his nap mat!! Such a big boy!

Cori said...

Oh my he looks so grown up!!! So glad he had a great first day! It sounds like so much fun!

emilysandvall said...

WHAT A BIG BOY!!!!!! SO CUTE!! Happy First Day of School CADEN!!

Jaime said...

Such a cutie! Love how he got excited and his eyes got big when you mentioned the nap mat. Always amazes me how the teachers get them to sleep on them in a room with other kids :) Here's to more happy school days!

ginarowe said...

Whoo hoo Caden! So happy that he had a great first day at school! Love the poem, too cute!

Steph Meyer said...

yay! you must have worked on that poem the other day...at least, it would have taken me an entire day to come up with something that adorable!
he is too cute, katie. so happy for him and for your new alone time!

Steph Meyer said...

um and p.s. i want caden's lunch.

Melissa said...

you are soooo creative with your little poem...too cute! caden looks like he had a great day at school and an amazing lunch. i'm not showing carter that picture or he will be jealous! glad you both survived. love you!