Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dude Stuff

Not much to report from our weekend... pretty low key, football watching family fun around these parts! Unfortunately, it wasn't a good football weekend for either of our college or professional teams BUT there is always next week... RISE UP! :)

We have a big week ahead of us so it was nice to take it easy. Of course, I had several "mom projects" to attend to to get Caden ready for his first day of school on Tuesday and of course the painting continued!!

My beautifully-old-Craiglist-China-Cabinet-find that I worked SO HARD to give NEW life too has suddenly become TOO NEW and so NOW I am antiquing the entire piece along with our kitchen table and chairs... oh the irony of it all! I AM pleased with the results though so the hard work is worth it... so far... I'll post pictures when it's complete... in five years... or THIS WEEK?!! I have high hopes!

Alright so now onto the DUDE STUFF...

Caden and Justin had a grand 'ol time watching football or "ba-ball" ALL weekend. On Saturday afternoon Caden felt it was only fair that his DUDE SNACKS matched Daddy's... and he too wanted a koozie! I kid you not... he pointed at the one sitting on the counter and wouldn't have anything to do with his water until it was in the DUDE KOOZIE... so alas, for the REST of the weekend his various cups have been in a kooize! I wonder how his teacher will feel about leaving Caden's cup in a dude koozie?! HA!

It's amazing how observant kids are... it's amazingly scary actually... have to be careful what kind of behavior we want him to imitate! A koozie I can handle... as long has he has the right "insides" until he's legal!

I had a SUPER cute video to share of Caden doing one of his newest DUDE tricks, BUT I have been trying to upload it for the past 43 minutes and counting and I'm over it... SO I'll work on it this week and post soon! I'm sure BLOGGER's had a long weekend... Bless poor blogger's heart!

Happy weekend!


KK said...

Love that lil dude! And his momma needs to take a load off and get some rest!! Love you.

Cori said...

What a cute little dude! Can't wait to see him next weekend! Love y'all! So excited to hear about his school adventures this week!

Melissa said...

oh the koozie! that is too funny! good luck with school this week, can't wait to hear about it! love you!