Monday, September 6, 2010

A Trip to Legoland Via Waco

Happy Labor Day!! I hope everyone enjoyed their long-weekend! I'm still having a hard time grasping that today is Monday... not a typical Monday when Daddy is around to play with us! It sure has been nice.

Our weekend started off pretty low-key with Caden recovering from his surgery on Friday or maybe it was Mommy and Daddy recovering... but regardless we didn't do too much of anything Friday night or Saturday. We spent a good majority of our Friday night and Saturday outside... the weather was gorgeous and Caden was READY to be back in the yard with his doggies... which he says now by the way! We hear "doggies" about 800 times a day! Doggies! Doggies?! Doggies!! Doggies. You get the idea... Caden loves him some doggies!

Sunday morning we got up early and drove to Waco to celebrate the last part of Labor Day weekend with the Coxes and Aunt Ree Ree and Uncle Tag. All summer Nana and I have been scheming to take Caden to visit the Lego Exhibit at the Mayborner Musuem and we just BARELY got it in! We went Sunday afternoon on the LAST day of the exhibit which also happened to be FREE admission day... yay!! Of course FREE day meant that Caden did have to share the place unlike when we went at Christmas and NO ONE was there! :)

So while the big boys played golf, Caden and the girls headed out for a few errands a yummy burger at Five Guys and then off to visit Legoland!!

I'm not sure Caden quite understood the "coolness" of the lego exhibit BUT he had a great time nonetheless! He needed to be a bit older to understand that these amazing things he was looking at were ALL made out of the tiniest little Lego blocks. One day he'll get it...especially when he starts trying to make his own Lego creations! :)

Here are a few pictures from our visit to the museum...

Aunt Ree Ree and the Knight... and Sir Caden, of course!

I tried to take a few pictures of the different showcases to show the detail... amazing!

Caden loved these items the most because they had a wheel he could turn to view all sides of the piece... or maybe he just liked turning the wheel... he was even turning it for other guests! :)

I thought this dragon was SO cool, of course Caden ran right passed it! Ha! :) Lots of people in the way, maybe!

Caden creating his own story with his Lego friends...

Here you go ladies... let me... I insist!

Playing peek-a-boo with Aunt Ree Ree behind the BIG, serious Lego dude!

After about 10-15 minutes in the lego exhibit, Caden was ready to move on... luckily there is always plenty to do at the Mayborne so we headed upstairs to some of his favorite rooms from his visit during Christmas... first stop... the PIANO!! Of course!

He looks a little different from his first trip... my baby is all grown up!

Oops... this picture jumped in the wrong spot somehow... Aunt Ree and Caden posing on the Lego-throne!! King and Queen of Legoland!!

Now back to the 'ol ivories...

I even got to take a break from being the photographer and got to play a little ditty with my man! Actually... he wasn't much into sharing the piano. He would point and give us a nudge... GET OFF! Hmmm... of course if anyone that he didn't know wanted to play he was fine with it... just treatin' us girls with no respect!! We'll be fixin' that!! :)

Next up, we headed to the Around the World room... Caden was REALLY diggin' all of the musical instruments from Around the World... he was a little one man band!

I'm actually surprised Caden likes this room as much because his Aunt Ree Ree is constantly trying to get him to dress-up in the clothes... the GIRL clothes no less. Really Aunt Ree Ree, a dress??!! Can't a guy get a dude shirt around here?!

The wood block... he's got a future in wood blocking for sure!

Uh-oh... Aunt Ree Ree struck again... at least she didn't bring the senorita gear again!

Aunt Ree Ree did play fair though and played dress-up too!

Osama Bin Ree Ree...

We went to just about EVERY other room, but after the pioneer room my camera battery died and thus the tale of the musuem through photos came to an abrupt end! :(

Caden and I decided that we prefer our car to the wagon, but agreed that it is a great place to take a quick break from our afternoon adventures in Legoland!!
We had a great time at the museum... I'm so glad we were able to visit the Legos before they moved on to another lucky city! Thanks Nana and Aunt Ree Ree for joining us... it certainly would not have been as well photographed or enjoyed without you two! :)
After the museum fun we headed home to visit with Great Poppa and Great Gran who came into town to see everyone (Caden!) and then once Caden went to bed the BIG kids feasted on some yummy fajitas and margaritas and had a ladder ball tournie in the back yard! We drew for teams to be sure it was fair but as luck would have it the two best players ended up together... leaving the rest of us a little reluctant to even play! BUT... we rallied and every team won at least one game of ladder ball so that was a very HAPPY ending to our seemingly stacked tournie! :) Gotta love late summer nights in the back yard... doesn't get much more American than that!
And on that note... Happy Labor Day America!!


KK said...

Very cool exhibit. Love the comparison picture of Caden and you looked fabulous! :)

Cori said...

Such a fun weekend! And we were clearly the best team! :)