Saturday, May 1, 2010

All Work No Play

It's the Chade here...

Hi! Hello! Hey!

Long time no blog...

Actually just a week but mom and I are doin' a little tag team action since we've got a double post to do tonight! It's my 16-month birthday today, you know! I know, I know... hard to believe! Happy Birthday to me!! More on that later...

For now, I've got a little ditty for you about my recent trip to San Antonio!

Daddy has been going to SA for work a lot lately... they've got business to do in SA and all around the Hill Country so often times he takes Mommy and I along for the ride! We get to see KK and Albi and you know... help Daddy with his work stuff!

I'm actually like his assistant! He runs things by me and I give him my two-cents... of course it's worth MUCH more... so it's more like my five-dollars! But whatever... we'll let the expression stand for now!

This particular trip Daddy and I had some BIG decisions to make! Lots of work to be done! Not too much time for playing! As per usual... a guy's gotta make a livin' to keep the women folk (who is my Mommy) happy. Actually, Mommy always says that as long as she's got us boys she doesn't need anything else... but I know she REALLY likes the things that our hard work affords her! 

On Thursday night we headed down to SA for our trip! Daddy and I had to put in a full day at work on Thursday before we could get out of town... such is life, right?! But when we got to SA we did get to enjoy a fun dinner with KK, Albi, Josh and Emily! We went to our fav place and ate LOTS of yummy Mexican food. My rents FINALLY let me eat a chip... so I got to enjoy my guacamole using the authentic dipper!! YUMM-O!

Dinner was fun... lots of laughs! I even got to talk a little biZZZnass with my Uncle Josh! He's a smart and savvy business guy, so it is always good to hear his five-dollars worth too! The good food and relaxing atmosphere got us ready for work the next day! Lots of meetings, lots of decisions, lots of bidness to discuss, we knew it would be important to be well-nourished! 

The next morning Daddy and I ate some breakfast and then parted ways for the day... we decided it would be easier to divide and conquer... then we'd meet back up for dinner at the five 'o clock whistle and recap the day.

I know you MUST be curious as to what brought me to SA on business this particular time... and usually this type of thing would be top secret, but since we're all friends and I love my blogger family I'll let y'all in on the goods...

You see I was in town to take care of a little ZOO bidness... yesterday the San Antonio Zoo experienced record-breaking crowds and they needed a few extra people to man the different areas of the zoo... some call it HR and some call it crowd-control... regardless what you call it... somebody's gotta do it!

Once we got there... and and by we I mean Mommy, KK and Albi! I told them I preferred to work alone, but they insisted they get to tag along and see all the action! I've always been a big supporter of the "little people" and never am one to let success get to my head, so I figured it couldn't hurt having a few extra hands...

Once we arrived we were assigned to the "Toddler Area," for obvious reasons! Toddlers are kind of my area of expertise... I know how they think, I know how they communicate... it's like I AM one... it's crazy really!

First things first... secure the perimeter... 

Actually, I had to check to be sure the "toddler jail" was ready for any perpetrators that entered the area. I wanted to be sure I was very thorough with my investigation...

Then it was time to be sure that the area was free of hazards... including this lone giraffe who needed to be put back on the shelf!

Then Albi and I figured we better do another perimeter check. Albi's kind of an anal guy... if you don't know Albi, you can just take my word for it. He means well, but he's a bit cautious...

Just a bit...

I can't fault him for it though... he's just trying to help me avoid filing for workers comp... and I appreciate that! What a nightmare!

After a few minutes we had our first rush of visitors to the Toddler Area and just as you might suspect... we had a few that were NOT toddlers that tried to enter into the Toddler Fun Zone... we quickly told them to get a move on!! 

Once we shooed them back outside where they belonged I decided to help the zoo grounds-keepers with a little yard work! Me and my wheelbarrow has some serious WORK to do!

I even did a little bit of rearranging... making the play area more toddler-friendly. All for the safety of my friends! To protect and to serve...

Then I had to play plumber and make sure all of the creeks and rivers were running into the ponds. It is important that the water flow appropriately... otherwise we'd been in one big pickle!

A guy's gotta get a little wet on the job sometimes... I wonder if they'll feature me on Dirty Jobs?! 

Once we felt the waterworks were functioning properly we headed over to the campgrounds to ensure that the camping facilities were in TIP TOP shape! All clean!!

And who could forget boat maintenance... IMPOR-TANT!! Don't want any toddlers sinking in the ponds... NO SIR!!

I had several other tasks to tend to while we were at the zoo, but they primarily included roaming the grounds ensuring that the visitors were being kind to the animals. With only one minor incident while we were visiting the Corn Snake: a girl was asked what she would do if she saw Mr. Corn Snake in her yard... and she said KILL IT... and MOMMY said 'me too!!' Oh MOMMY! I had to tell her that that was not an appropriate response, but unless your a guy who is in the ZOO bidness like me it's hard to know these things!! She'll learn, she'll learn! So besides that... all things were good... the lions, tiger and bears... ALL fine! And Lucky the elephant too! Still big and gray!

All in a day's work! 

Later that afternoon after my meeting with Mr. Crib, Daddy and I met back up for dinner with Mommy, KK and Albi. Daddy didn't seem to have to work NEAR as hard as I did, but that's okay... he still brought home some bacon and that's what's for dinner!! :)

THANKS KK, THANKS ALBI for the generous hospitality!! I'm sure Daddy and I will be back before long... always more bidness... bidness, bidness, bidness!! 

Although bidness in SA isn't bidness as usual because All Work No Play is really Some Work and LOTS of Play!!

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KK said...

Caden, you are such a hard worker!! I've never seen a busier bee than you! So glad you came to SA on bidness!! Love you!