Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 16 Month Birthday, CHADE!!


16-Month Birthday that is! 

What a fun month we've had! I've learned lots of new things about motherhood and tucked away lots of things I thought I knew about motherhood! You've challenged me to my prayerful knees this month as I've sought the best way to discipline you. You are a special little boy who was knitted together by God so perfectly and differently than any other person before you or any person after you and thus there is a very specific way for us to parent you and you've forced us to find that this month. We are so thankful for your patience as Daddy and I muddle our way through this process and I must say... you, me and Daddy... we've come a long way! You're not perfect and I never expect you to be, but you are doing so well and showing such progress in just a few short weeks. Like with anything, consistency has been our key!

Your words are still few but your expressions are limitless. You say one thousands words with your different faces and we laugh at how you use your ENTIRE face to communicate! Eyebrow raises, puckered lips, small "o" shaped lips, wide eyes, squinty eyes, smiling eyes, cheesy smile, open smile, serious face, the teeth grit... all have a different message!

You have gone from a solid walk to a solid jog... you jog everywhere and sprint when you get super excited or in a hurry...naturally! You have a happy feet dance that makes my heart melt and a love for spinning circles that makes me laugh. You are rough and tough in the way you play but only with yourself and not with others. You fall and tumble all the time and get right back up and keep going again. You share well and love your friends... you are all around a pretty sweet and sensitive soul!

I love our days together and our weekends with Daddy as we go on all of our adventures. You have so many people around you who LOVE you dearly! There is nothing that can make a Mommy happier than knowing that her little boy is well-loved... if you could be overly-loved (which I don't think is possible) you would be a prime candidate! 

You are my buddy!! I cherish each and every second we are blessed with! You are my sweet, unforgettable, undeniably cute little man!! I love you, Caden! What a sweet 16 it has been!

Today Caden had a special birthday treat...

Nana and Paps came to visit for the day and took us all to Kiddie Acres... a SUPER fun little amusement park just for little ones! It was SO much fun! Caden started like this...

But ended up just fine... riding everything but the pony ride once and a few things twice!

I don't think we gave him much time to adjust. In all of our excitement we just threw him on the planes and said YAY Caden! We figured since he had done something similar in SA a few months ago, he'd be READY to go! But he needed time to roam the park by foot and get the lay of the land. Once he felt more comfortable he was ALL about it!

Daddy helped out on the cars... 

TALL guy in a little car!! Haha!

Caden thought he was ready to "pony-up" but once the strap went around his waist he wasn't so sure... so we took our tickets back and kindly moved on! :) Maybe next time... haha!

Next we tried the Ferris Wheel with Mommy... and that was a HIT! The turn around was happening... 

Then Daddy and Caden rode the carousel!!

And then we did the train as a family while Nana and Paps snapped a few pics...

Then once Caden was FULLY on the mend it was time for Kiddie Acres round two... it was like he was a different kid. He even talked his Nana into riding the ferris wheel with him!

Hold on tight Nana... up, up, up we go!

He and Nana survived and then it was PARTY time!! The Chade went solo for the rest of the day!! Sorry for the passy pics but we're having a TEETH issue and it was either the passy in the pictures or him chomping on the metal chains that secure him into each ride... Gross!

Such a cool boat driver... one-handed no less!

Black plane...

Blue plane...

Planes, planes, planes!!

He loved the planes!

After all of the rides (BOTH rounds) Nana and Paps bought Caden a popsicle before we went home! Kiddie Acres is going to be a Cox-Fam favorite I have no doubt! His grandparents spoil the tar out of him! He has TOO much fun on all of his adventures... we are so thankful!

Caden needed a nap this afternoon after all of his fun at the park... 

PLUS he had to rest up because Nana and Paps were expecting more Cade-man fun in the backyard before dinner! While Daddy cooked out, Caden showed off... and he showed ALL his tricks!  And by the time Nana and Paps had to leave for the night Caden was FILTHY-DIRTY!! We all were!

I figure that you're aren't doing something right if you aren't dirty by the end of a pretty day! Caden and I both look forward to our baths every night... we would never DARE step into bed without them!

Caden LOVES to dump over the water bowl and then play in the water... today he decided that not only would he stomp his feet and splash his hands in the puddles... he wanted to ROLL around in it... bare-chested and all!!


He had an audience so he felt compelled to put on a GREAT show!

Caden is certainly a ham for the people he loves. He can still be shy at times, but for the most part he's all about the attention! He has a great little personality that lights up the room! He's one of a kind ... there is no doubt! :) They all are (WE all are)... every little one! Such special little creations... 

At the end of a very exciting two days, Caden was POOPED! He was ready for bed tonight!

What a special birthday he had today... THANKS Nana and Paps for ALL of the fun! It was one for the record books!

We love you little man!! Happy 16 Months Chade!

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Cori said...

Looks like y'all had so much fun! Such a crazy boy! Can't believe he's getting so big!