Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dude Birthday Part I

They say it's your birthday! 


It's Justin's birthday too!

TODAY! May 29th! 

Happy Birthday Justin!!

We have a two part dude birthday celebration planned to commemorate one special dude! We've had a lot of fun so far and it is only PART I! I love birthday celebrations!

We started the weekend off on Friday morning... Caden and I woke up extra early to have a fun dude donut breakfast with Daddy. It was actually Caden's first time to try a donut... and he decided that he wasn't so much into them... WHAT?! Who doesn't like donuts?! Oh dear...

BUT Daddy LOVED his Eclair and Cha-cha-mi (chocolate milk... that's what Justin called it as a kid... SO CUTE!) from RR Donuts... if you've never had them... they are some of the best! Come see us and we'll get you some! :)

Caden also took the opportunity to share his extremely sweet birthday card with Daddy. He spent ALL week working on different cards and we finally got one that was worthy of making into a card... coloring and Caden aren't quite a match yet... we're working on it! First we have to master sitting for longer than 2 seconds... maybe we should color next time we're on the boat... YES!

Friday night Nana and Paps came in from Waco to start the true Dude Birthday Celebration Part I. While Justin and Paps were out on the back porch smokin' a dude cigar a friendly snake decided to come slithering by. After an hour "hunting" the snake in and out of the bed of Paps' truck they gave up. 

BUT the story doesn't end there... as we were all headed up to bed, Paps decides to look out the front window and all of the sudden yells... SNAKE! Well Nana hopped up on the couch and Justin ran to the window... and I ran to get my camera... this was going to be good. Sure enough ANOTHER snake...yes that's right a different but equally as disgusting snake was slithering up our front sidewalk to our front door...all I can say is I am glad that snakes do not have thumbs!! Justin went and grabbed his snake huntin' shovel and went after him! He got a good shot in but the snake slithered into the bushes... he was never to be seen again... UG! I was hoping for a low key summer in the snake department after last year, BUT it seems as though we are in for it again... BUT this time I'm calling my friendly bug man for the 'snake killin' spray!' These snakes were BIG and not so much the garden variety if you know what I mean... ick!

My photo of my brave hubby is not very good... it was through the window and the flash was all funky... but you get the idea... I think this may have been Justin and Paps' favorite part of the weekend... nothing gets a guy all pumped up like huntin' for snakes... it makes them feel all primal or something... and I must admit... I kind liked it! :)

This morning on Justin's actually birthday we exchanged cards over a quick breakfast before Justin and Paps hit the golf course for the day! IT WAS HOT and they were T.I.R.E.D. when it was all said and done... BUT it was worth it... at least so they say! :)

While the boys were doing their dude golf thing, my favorite lil dude, Nana and I hit the outlet mall for a few things... Nana of course treats Caden to new loot every time she visits! Thanks Nana!! After a little shopping we took Nana to the water park where every single person in TEXAS was... it was crazy. Caden had fun, but was ready to head back after about 30 minutes... done and done! Nana treated us to Which Which and then it was dude nap time... actually Nana nap time today... what a special treat for Caden!

After naps and a few showers we went to the new Saltlick in RR for a little dude birthday BBQ... YUM! Caden ate a TON! And topped it off with ice cream... silly boy! A few pics around the table...

The Chade...

Nana and Paps... thanks for making our sweet Daddy 28 years ago! :)

And the birthday boy himself... and me too! :)

The dude decided that they would all wear their crocs to dinner tonight... Dude Crocs! We bought Caden some new ones today after a lawn mower got the better his other pair... I picked BRIGHT orange... his signature color, of course!

Dude Crocs, take 1...

Take 2...

And take 3...
And again... Dude Crocs 1, 2 and 3!

And the DUDES in their DUDE CROCS... 1, 2 and 3...

Last one... 1, 2 and 3!

Caden took Nana for a little after dinner stroll... gets that digestion movin'! He needed all the help he could get! He was FULL!

I know I'm biased but I just can't help but think he is the cutest little man in bright orange crocs I've ever seen! He is getting SO BIG and SO OLD! Oh Caden... you make your Mommy's heart hurt, she loves you so much!

So there you have it... Dude Birthday Part I!

Stayed tuned for Dude Birthday Part II as we take on San Antonio!

Thanks Nana and Paps for spending the first part of your weekend with us! We always love having you with us... we have TOO much fun! We are so excited summer is here so we can spend more time with y'all!! Yay!! We love you both!

Happy Birthday Justin... I love you! 


KK said...

LOVE the dude croc photos!!! Thinking these dudes have knees and crocs in common. So funny. Can't wait to see you guys. Happy Birthday Justin!!

CaseyWiegand said...

okay those are so cute!!!!! love the croc photos too!!!! happy birthday!!!!

the G Rowes said...

Happy Birthday Justin! (Caden's crocs were a big hit in the nursery today!)

Cori said...

Glad Justin had such a fun birthday weekend! The crocs are too cute!