Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pink Orange is My Signature Color!

So okay maybe Caden's a bit young to have a signature color, but this summer he sure does seem to be wearing a bunch of orange...

And just so we are PERFECTLY clear this is in NO way, shape or form because of the Longhorns... we're still bleeding green and gold in Cox house! NO worries!

Orange reel...

Setting up the sprinkler with Daddy! Such a good little helper!

Watch out Caden... here it comes!!

WOAH!!! We tried to warn you! Ha!
HANDS UP!! I think he thinks this little maneuver will block the water... I'm not sure how well that's workin' out for him though!

The next orange photo-op came on Sunday before church. We, all three, were ready early so we decided to take the opportunity to snap a few...

Sweet boy... he is kind of smiling and somewhat still... SNAP!

Being silly...SNAP!

NO MORE, NO MORE! It looks like he's givin' me a SUPER CHEESY toothy grin, but he's actually just trying to grab the camera and SNAP a few of his own... little toot!

Last but NEVER least in our orange photo reel are a few pics of Caden and his sweet friend Izzy. Izzy just recently became a big sister to Baby Owen so Caden and I took the opportunity to grab some snuggles with Owen, hang out with Miss Ashley and play with Iz!

Right before we left (post-lunch) I remembered I had my camera... SO Caden is a drooly mess but the orange is still nice and bright! :)

Izzy got the memo on orange too! :)

So I couldn't get Caden to wipe that 'MOM you are so embarrassing smirk' off his face, but I tried! Izzy and her family will soon be moving back to The Woodlands... we are super sad to see them go, but excited to have yet ANOTHER friend to visit in Houston! We'll miss y'all!!

Alright so this last pic has NOTHING to do with orange... but it was my silly and sad attempt to get a picture of me and the Chade! 


The weekend is almost here! Any big plans for the three day weekend?! 

Love y'all!

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Cori said...

His facial expressions crack me up! So much personality! Love his sweet little face!