Thursday, May 13, 2010


Caden and two of his sweet girlfriends, Avery and Ava had a playdate this week at the waterpark! It was our first trip to the waterpark this year and first time we've been able to go since Caden has been walking. Last summer we ventured out a couple of times just to sit and watch the big kiddos, but this year... it is an entirely different ballgame!!

Caden was LOVING it! For the first hour he ran around, going from fountain to fountain, chasing Ava, hugging Ava... the norm! By the second hour he was POOPED!! It was a fun outting for the mommies and the babies! Can't wait to do it more! I have a feeling the waterpark is going to be even more fun than the pool this year!! 

Of course I brought the Flip Video along for the ride... here is a sweet little clip of Caden and Ava! It wasn't too practical to carry it around in the park because I never knew when one of the elements would start spewing at me!! I did the best I could! 

I don't know if it is mommyhood or what, BUT my accent is getting worse! My mommy-voice is slightly twangy... nothing like a video to prove it! I am afraid I might end up sounding like I did when I was 5... yikes!!

Happy Thursday!


KK said...

I love Ava's wader wader! So cute. He is so going to love that this summer!

emilysandvall said...

Y'all got a FLIP! Don't you LOVE IT?!?! Caden looks so CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Summer!

the G Rowes said...

Ha! Love the video clip! I have to say it again, I was so blown away by Caden's bravery running (face first) into shooting, squirting, and pouring water! He was cracking me up! So brave!

CaseyWiegand said...

okay he is so sweet and adorable! how fun!! he is looking so grown up to me!! its going too fast!!!!!!! love you friend!!!