Monday, April 26, 2010

A Weekend at Home...

What a weekend, what a weekend!

I know you were all hoping for Caden to write another weekend post, but he's busy... napping, feeding the dogs, etc., etc. Y'all understand... the life of a 15 month old is fast and furious... little time for blogging! I don't know who he thinks he is sometimes!

So this week the bloggin' is up to me!

We had a FABULOUS weekend at home in the Rock. It was one of the first weekends in a while that we didn't have any set plans. We just made it all up as we went along!

Friday night we had some of our favorite friends over for dinner! It had been WAY too long since our families had gotten together... SO LONG in fact that the last time they came over for dinner neither one of our kiddos were eating table food or sitting in high chairs... YIKES! That is bad isn't it?! 

So one million goldfish and two high chairs later we had a super FUN time with the Rowe Family! The mommies and the kiddos get to see A LOT of each other but the daddies always miss out on the fun. We were talking all week about how excited we were for our hubbies to get to see the sweet little relationship that is forming between Ava and Caden! They play so well together have an obvious liking for each other. It is so sweet to watch how they follow each other's lead (Caden is usually following Ava) and how they run and play enjoy their time together. They even pal around together in the nursery... it is always so fun to peek through the window and see those two playing together... And of course in perfect form, Caden will say "Ava" and not "Mommy." But I can't say that I blame him... she's been saying his name for a long time now... and it is the sweetest thing! CAAAY-den! He has to keep up!

So it is no surprise that Caden was really excited to see Ava's face behind the door on Friday evening! We started off outside on the patio, but the weather brought us inside soon enough! 

I think Caden thought Larry the Lion was bugging Ava so he figured he'd better deal with him, man to man! Either that or he was bringing Larry into the kitchen to be disciplined by Mommy and Daddy... he knew we'd have a word for Larry!

Our poor little outdoor adventurers were super sad that the fun in the backyard had to end, but they were pretty fascinated by the HUGE rain storm that hit and decided to make a little game out of their gazing! For once... Ava followed Caden's lead... 

The game was called...


Come on... try it... it's fun!!

NOW we're rockin'!! Bang, bang, bang!! Bang Ava! Bang Caden!! They were really gettin' into it... glad the door survived! :)

Such sweet friends!

We are so thankful for the Rowe fam! I remind myself every day how lucky I am to have a friend AND sister in Christ like Gina just one street away that I can call at a moment's notice for a walk or a park play date... it is certainly no coincidence that it ended up this way! God is great that way!

Saturday might be one of my favorite days on record thus far... and I have A LOT of favorites, but this particular Saturday offered me TWO of my very favorite things... Garage Sales and Festivals. Twice a year our community has a community-wide garage sale... everyone pulls out all of their "junk" hoping that it will be someone else's treasure! Seek and you shall find ANYTHING you are looking for... it's an exciting thing to roam the neighborhood looking for treasure! But you've got to get up and at 'em because there are some pro-garage sale customers that wipe the neighborhood clean by 9am!

We didn't really have anything in particular we were looking for, but I thought it would be great if we could find Caden a toy vacuum! He is obsessed with the vacuum as y'all know and I have been wanting to find him one, but the few resale shops I've been hitting up lately were fresh out. But remember... seek and you shall find?! And FIND we did! In fact, we were visiting Miss Gina who was selling her FABULOUS hair-bows to buy formula for the babies in Haiti and we saw it!! Like a beacon of light in a very dark world... a MICKEY MOUSE VACUUM! So we walked/ran two doors down and saw that the vacuum was in GREAT condition and priced well... so we said, WE'LL TAKE IT! 

And let me tell you... it was the best $4 we have ever spent! Caden was SO happy! He loves it so!! It has an attachment and it makes noise and has a light... oh my!! What could be better!

He has played with his vacuum off and on ALL weekend! He is in love... keep scrolling down for more vacuum action!

After the garage sale we decided to pack it up and head up to Georgetown for the annual Red Poppy Festival! YAY! I love small town festivals... I love the food, the booths, the live music, the people! I LOVE them! And they're free! What could be better!

We ate corn dogs on the lawn of the courthouse and browsed through all of the booths, even found a few fun things for our Nana and KK for Mother's Day! And to top off our day, Caden got to have a sugar cookie that was literally as big as his face!! Needless to say he is now a fan of the festival too!

The rest of Saturday we did various family things... grabbed some dinner out, played at the park, hung out around the house... it was a FUN day! We were all tuckered out by the end so we hit the bed early to be ready for church the next morning!

I made Caden get up a few minutes earlier so that I could take pictures of him in his new "pretty boy" outfit that his KK gave him. He looked adorable!! Oh my!! I couldn't stand myself and I also couldn't stand that I couldn't get better pictures of him in it... that little turkey won't sit still or smile on command if his life depended on it... I'm going to blame it on the age! :)

AND the PASSY!! He couldn't handle that he had to let it go! I don't know why at this moment he felt he needed it SO badly but he did!! Poor thing!

Here are our best attempts...

Oh that FACE!! Pucker those lips baby!!

In a moment of brilliance I thought to try to bring the rocking chair out in the yard, hoping it would make him still for a few seconds!

And he's off...

After church and a good nap Caden was READY for an afternoon in the backyard!! He was a BUSY boy...

He started off my mowing the lawn... 

Then he took a whirl and a splash at his sand and water table!! One of his favorite things... thanks Nana and Paps!! He's not too fond of the sand but he LOVES the water!! The love for sand will come with time, I know!

So wet... 
Loves floatin' his boats in the water!

Then he decided that Daddy needed a little lesson in sweeping the porch...

Oops... got something on my hand...

Back to work!
Then Caden had about had enough of Daddy's constant sweeping and decided he knew JUST what to do to fix it... 


So he vacuumed the porch until it was all clean!!

Then it was time for the dogs to eat their dinner...

And Caden to do his "job." He is an excellent bowl-picker-upper!

First Maci's bowl... she eats fast!

Then Max's... 
All in a day's work...

All that hard work will make a guy hungry and a bit hot! Nothing like a popsicle to cool you down!

He looks like such a BIG boy sitting at his table, eating a popsicle! Oh my!! He is just way too big for his britches! :)

We ended the night with a fun drive around Round Rock looking at various neighborhoods and exploring the sights and sounds of our sweet little town!

And there you have it... our weekend at home!

We were sad to send Daddy back to work this morning but knew that the sooner he went to work the sooner he'd be home again for another FUN-filled weekend!

Happy Monday everyone!!


KK said...

Oh my goodness! So many cute little expressions. I am going to have to go back and look at each of these pics again! What a fun weekend and such a pretty boy!

Cori said...

Oh my gosh, he is looking like such a big boy! Looks like y'all had a great weekend! The pics are too cute!

the G Rowes said...

Loving this post for so many reasons! Thanks again for having us over Friday... we LOVED seeing y'all (and the dinner was super yummy!)We are SO THANKFUL for our wonderful friends!
I'm a fan of Caden and the popsicle! He looks like a big kid at his little table. He is so adorably handsome in his Sunday pictures too! Oh my, can he get any cuter?!?! Love them all!

Melissa said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend!! Caden looks like such a big boy eating his popsicle. Such fun that he has a little playmate and you have a friend just around the are lucky!!

twhit said...

Katie, I hesitate to leave a comment because of my grammer and spelling your and caden's writing is a little intimidating. I read the blog every day and even though I have not seen yall in a while I feel like I know Caden as if I was there every day.The blog is a wonderful way for family to keep up.Hope all of us can get together befor too long. Your favorite uncle Dee