Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the Cade-man's Words...

The Cade-man is BACK! Finally! I kept telling my mom that y'all were REALLY missing my bloggin' lately! And by lately I mean like months! I think the last time Mom let me blog I was like 6 months old, and let me just tell you I have gotten TONS more hilarious since then! I mean... 6 months... I couldn't even walk... LOOOO-SER

Mom didn't really have a choice in the matter because this weekend was all about the dudes. She even said so! So if it was about the dudes then the dudes MUST blog... and Daddy... well he's not so much of a blogger. He's hilarious in his own right, but only people like Mommy and me really get his humor and that is because we love him so. Other people just think he's... well... a dork! Poor Daddy!

SO my weekend was pretty low key. No traveling, no visitors, not even a trip to the grocery store, it was just me, my doggies, my crazy rents and my beautiful green backyard! Now that's what I call a weekend. 

On Saturday, Mommy had to go celebrate some other baby who hasn't even come into the world yet... BOR-ING! So Daddy and I hung out at home and held down the fort while she was gone. It must have been some fancy baby party because Daddy couldn't believe how cute Mommy looked. I guess since she didn't have goldfish or dirt on her clothes she did look different than normal... I almost didn't recognize the broad. 

While Mommy was gone Daddy and I had some "dude-chores" to take care of in the backyard. I mean y'all don't think my doggies wear diapers like me do you? The entire yard is their diaper and Daddy and I have to work hard to keep things clean. After we poop-scooped we decided that the inside needed a bit of TLC too so we made a quick trip inside to vacuum and start the dishwasher. Daddy and I aren't so much into the inside chores, though. Daddy always says that is what Mommy gets paid to do, so we shouldn't really worry about it. 

It's funny though because Mommy is always saying how she wished she got paid for this. I guess their wires must be crossed because Daddy says he's paying Mommy and Mommy says she's not getting paid... those crazy kiddos... I guess I'll have to straighten this mess out and get Mommy her paychecks!

Anyway... after the chores we just chillaxed in the backyard. 

We played the doggies...

I did some work on my slide. I'm kind of over the whole slide thing... any other 15 month olds out there feelin' me on this one? I mean there are only so many times you can go UP and DOWN a slide. Amen? A guy's got to add a little adventure in his life or else he'll go crazy. I'm all about trying new things, so I gave my slide an old "heave ho" the and found that it made an excellent surf board, trampoline and rock climbing wall... go figure! Slides... hmph... they are so much better upside down!

Then... in my search for yet another adventure I had a little run-in with the dirt. I wasn't too worried about it though because my Daddy is always telling me how much chicks dig scars. So I figured if they digged scars then they would SURELY dig dirt! I mean, come on! Who doesn't love a guy who can get his hands (or face) dirty?!

But you know what NO CHICK LIKES?! Well no chick except for my super embarrassing Mommy! CANKLES! Chicks DO NOT dig cankles! No one digs them! I made it a point to not give my Mommy cankles when I was hanging out in her belly, BUT NO... now that I have them she just can't help herself... she takes pictures of them! 

But they are SO CUTE Caden! So cute! I love them! I just want to eat them up!

OH my! MOM! 

At least my sweet new kicks make up for the cankles... crocs totally trump cankles! Right?!

So as you can plainly see Saturday was awesome! I was filthy dirty by the end of the day which remember only makes me MORE appealing to the lady folk so it was AWESOME to be THAT dirty! In fact I think it helped me land a hot babe at church this morning... 

That and the fact that I was wearing my some of my new Spring clothes that my KK bought for me! She is QUEEN of the Resale shop and always finds me the coolest gear. And because I'm not a stiff type of guy, I'm lovin' the fact that my clothes are always well-worn. It makes me look legit... like I don't really put any effort into my style... like I was just born lookin' this good! 

Y'all likes??
This is my Joey from friends..."Hey, how YOU doin?" look. I think I've mastered it... thoughts?!

And if the "how YOU doin" doesn't work... just remember... get your hands dirty! Do a little raking... the chicks DIG a guy who can rake! Trust me! It works on my mom every time! And she's a girl!

So I was feeling PRETTY good walking into church this morning. And it is a good thing because I kind of had a "thing" at church this morning. First hour there was only ONE other girl in my class and of course she is like the cutest chick I've ever seen... 

Gosh, just me and the cute chick! And as if I wasn't nervous enough my sweet teacher and also friend Miss Gina kept reminding me of how cute she was. She was making SUCH a big deal... it was a little embarrassing. Oh AND! I almost forgot the worst part. Miss Gina even went next door to tell my MOM about how cute my new girlfriend was and to come sneak a peak when she got a chance! MISS GINA??!!!

APPARENTLY Miss Gina doesn't know what "saltin' a guy's game" is because she was POURIN' IN IT ON THICK! Sodium overload! Like I'd ever have a chance now...

Ah, well... you win some, you lose some! At least Jesus was there... I've never needed saving like I did today! 

Today I took a monster nap because I was TIRED... I mean obviously... you just read about my weekend... aren't you tired? But I was lucky enough to wake up in time to see my boy Phil birdie his last hole to win the Masters. I even tried to find my Albi and Uncle Josh on TV but no such luck. Albi was wearing green pants so every time the crowd shot came on Mommy shouted, "Green pants, green pants, green pants?" 

No green pants!

I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend! It's good to be back!

What a weekend, what a weekend!


CaseyWiegand said...

you are hilarious!!!!!! and he is the cutest!

the G Rowes said...

HAHAHA!! Love the post "Caden!" Hopefully your little girl friend will be back again this Sunday! I'll try not to cramp your style! HA!!! We love you little friend!

Melissa said...

You are too funny!!! Sounds like Caden was a busy man this weekend!

Cori said...

Cute boy! Love the crocs! Give him a kiss for me!